[Product Preview] AI Camera for Safety Helmet Detection

[Product Preview] Safety Helmet Detection Using Automatic Video Recognition. 

Hong Kong RFID provides a smart TV box to connect with cameras in construction site entry, to detect safety helmet. Workers who pass through the camera will be alerted with visual LED and buzzer triggered. Sending photo-records to site owner is optional but the records are definitely be saved locally with a time-stamp.    

Product Features:
  • A low cost smart TV box with human body detection algorithm based on deep learning
  • Plug and Play with minimal settings; 
  • provide alarm/alert for workers NOT wearing a helmet
  • Offline operable, supports resumable transmission when network was down. 
  • Low power consumption, Max 8W. 
  • Support H.265/H.264 real time video decoding. 
  • Embedded database and web-service
  • Support a wide range of camera IPTV models that already installed on site. 

For More information:  product catalog downloadable.  

Email to :  sales@hk-rfid.com
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