[Product Launch] GXBIM - A Collaborative Working Plaftorm on Web for Geo-tagging Multimedia and BIM Data

Hong Kong RFID, with over 15 years of experience providing IoT (internet of things) for smart construction sites, has now been partnering with a GIS data expert GEOXPERT, to deliver a "Collaborative Working Plaftorm on Web for Geo-tagging Multimedia and BIM", namely GXBIM. 

GXBIM, as a part of Smart Site Supervision System (SSSS), is a visualization module to display geo-tagged data; such as 

  • Drone survey video, 360 cameras, time lapse photo 
  • Photos from smartphones during inspection or CCTV cameras
  • IoT Sensors for people; such as GPS position, people counting, worker smart-tag (helmet beacons), proximity sensors, heat stress/temperature sensing, etc.   
  • IoT Sensors for machinery; such as machine GPS position, vibration and fuel consumption, door/gate opens, lift/crane position, flood sensors, etc. 
  • IoT Sensors for the environment; weather station data, toxic gas detection, groundwater level detection, noise level, seismic vibration, etc. 
  • Data from RFID and building components management system  (CITF pre-approved PA20-046) 

Entitled to up to 75% grant from CITF

This GXBIM is successfully admitted in the pre-approved list by CITF (Construction Innovation and Technology Fund), a fund established by the government to support technologies with proven effectiveness in boosting productivity and uplifting building quality.

(Quote CITF Application number : PA-162)

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