See us in RFID World Asia (Cards Asia) 2010!

The 7th annual RFID World Asia will be held in SUNTEC Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre from 21 to 23 April 2010. At the same time, the 15th Cards Asia 2010 will be held at the same venue.

By delivering Asia’s largest sourcing platform dedicated to the RFID industry, RFID World Asia 2010 will continue to feature the latest and the most comprehensive range of high-performing RFID innovations and multi applications.


  •  Identify and evaluate new technologies
  •  Understand new business methods
  •  Learn to deliver ROI
  •  Create new business and revenue streams
  •  Learn how to generate cost savings
  •  Learn how to manage risks and projects
  •  Purchase the latest solutions
Hong Kong RFID Ltd. has always been active in the RFID market. We will participate in the event as an exhibitor. We are going to show different RFID applications with both Active and Passive RFID technology; for example, Jewellery management, engineering system, smart home, etc. Our booth no. is 4K30, come and visit us in Singapore!

Information about the show:

Congratulate Hong Kong RFID Ltd. for winning Hong Kong Awards for Industrials 2009

Hong Kong RFID Ltd. is once again honorable to obtain the Hong Kong Awards for Industry which is organized by the Trade and Industry Department and Hong Kong Science and Technology Park Corporation. This year, Hong Kong RFLD Ltd. Has won the Technological Achievement Certificate of Merit. In the award presentation ceremony, the representative of the Trade & Industry Department presented the award to Hong Kong Ltd. in January of 2010.

The Hong Kong Awards for Industry is one of the local chief annual Awards Scheme to recognize and encourage excellence as well as to promote successful practices and strategies in seven catagories, including Consumer Product Design, Machinery and Equipment Design, Productivity, Quality, Environmental Performance, Export Marketing and Technological Achievement. This year, Hong Kong RFID Ltd. used its big project of applying RFID system in construction industry to enter the competition. By using RFID system, the entire construction processes is greatly smoothened and maintenance work can be effectively done. The highly durable characteristics of RFID tag can resist water interference as well as harsh environmental corrosion. Besides, the invisible data-storing ability makes RFID more preferable to the traditional Bar-code system for the construction industry.

Hong Kong RFID Ltd. is devoted to technological improvement, and it is an honor for her to receive the acknowledgement of Technological Achievement. Hong Kong RFID would like to thank for the support from everybody in the company for their commitment to excel in the industry. Hong Kong RFID Ltd. would strive to keep up with the company’s mission to accomplish a high level of intellectual property develop technological innovation, commercialization and the fostering of technology culture. 

Mini-IQ02 Jewellery Reader (PN: HKRHR-IQ02)

HKRFID is glad to introduce you our light-weight Jewellery Reader, HKRHR-IQ02. It is the most stable and reliable reader in RFID market. Besides, it has good multi-reading ability and high flexibility suitable for different applications.

The HKRHR-IQ02 High Frequency Bulk Reader uses 13.56MHz frequency and supports ISO15693 standard. Its low power consumption characteristic makes it very reliable even after long hour operation.

The HKRHR-IQ02 has good anti-collision ability which reads 70 to 100 tags per reading. It has signaling ability using power LED, reading LED, and beep on board.
Its versatility allows flexibility and efficiency for applications with different configurations. The system devices use a serial interface which could be connected to a PC. Standard antenna size is 300mm x 400mm. Customized antenna is also available.

Another jewellery reader (HKRUR-IQ04) has higher RFID performance. It has excellent anti-collision ability which reads around 100 to 150 tags per reading even for small jewellery tags. However, when compared to the HKRHR-IQ04;

HKRHR-IQ02 has its own characteristics and advantages. It is smaller in size, lighter and more cost effective. Also, it is suitable for desktop document and small items management less than 50 items.

Using HF antennas, you can establish a fast and accurate inventory management. Moreover, you can record and check the information of items with a small jewellery tag in an effective and efficient way.

Rugged Active Tags, for Harsh Environment (HKRAT-NT3)

HKRAT-NT3 provides excellent reading range and read/write reliability for industrial applications such as asset tracking, warehouse management, logistic and supply chain management and so on.

Our RFID tag is durable for different applications, it performs reliably in real world environments around liquids, metals, and other RF unfriendly conditions. This ensures a highly accurate readability. It can be read at a long distance of up to 30 to 40 meters. Its anti-collision ability reads 80 to 100 tags at the same time.

HKRAT-NT3 enables the most cost effective operation in the long term. Its battery life could last for more than 5 years. With its robust casing; it is suitable for working under heavy duty environments.

In addition, the tag could be with sensor functions, LED light and vibrator. Therefore, it could be used for even more applications.

Special Features:
  • Waterproof, dust proof, shock proof, IP68
  • Durable, Long battery life
  • Various sensors available
  • Led and vibrator (optional)
Industrial Applications:
  • Heavy duty, Harsh Environment
  • Long Distance Identification
  • Locating & Tacking
  • Automation System
  • Vehicle Management
  • Warehouse Management