Brilliant! Tag your rental bikes!

It is the era of paperless operation. Bike rental business should be able to catch up with the trend! And...RFID can help!

With Garrison Responsive Tags, no more hand-written or paper rental records are needed. Empress RFID readers and the smart system will do that for you.

It’s awesome yet simple! What you need is just-
- Garrison Responsive Tags tagged bikes
- Empress Handheld Active Reader
- A smart system

It offers
Unique Bike IDs - each bike is entitled an unique ID with the tag for trace and check
Improved Security - you can track the bike within defined distance
Paperless Record - the system do the e-recording for you
Errors Minimization - clear and systematic records of clients information with bike ID

What are you waiting for? Go get the impressive technology for your rental business today!


[DEMO] Empress (2nd Generation) EM02-ETH active RFID reader

Continue with the previous post and video, today we are showing you a demo clip of how to install both the hardware and software in 5-minute time.

5 minutes! Just the time needed to make yourself a cup of fine coffee! Isn’t it amazing?!

Yes! The installation is as simple as setting up your wii connection at home, just plug into few cables and it’s done! Of course you have to turn the machine on as well.

For the software part, the whole procedure is illustrated clearly in step by step manner. So you will be able to understand how it can be configured and readied for your use.


Empress HH - Latest Upgraded Empress Handheld Reader

Together with latest upgraded stationary reader EM02-ETH, we have also upgraded our Empress Handheld Reader for Active RFID Tags. The new model is called Empress HH (PN: EM02-HH)

Let's see what's new in this coolest Empress member!

4 Key features:

- Compatible with latest Emperss Transponders, such as Sense, Responsive, Tempcorder, and other future series. 

- newly added RSSI, also shows transponder battery status, GPIO, etc.

- better sensitivity setting, fine and accurate Gain adjustment 

- faster computation power on your hand

More user-friendly and easier to be carried around!
It becomes smaller and lighter. The new design is less clumsy and better fit-in-hand.

More responsive and upgraded software!
Now, your reader is responding even faster in just a few seconds. The sensitivity is strengthened and adjustable for your convenience.

Larger memory and improved battery!
It stores more data and works longer hours to make your operation more effective and efficient.

It became better, however, still with a simple user interface! You are going to find out more about this new machine in the video.

In today's video, we are going to show you how this new machine works! With its light weight, it is designed to be carried around easily. Its waterproof and dustproof outer case make it applicable to different industrial environments. A 2D Barcode scanner is installed for wider application.

Once you start running the program, you are able to read all the tags nearby, within a few seconds. Along with the tag ID, signal strength and battery level of the detected tags are also shown on the screen for better management. The reader also allows distance control of your tags, such as enabling the LED of it.

The Setting page is like the Control Panel of your computer, for you to adjust the settings of your reader. for example, you can change the sensitivity of the reader by altering the 'gain'.

This demonstration video is going to show you more about how to get it start with your Empress handheld reader.

The launch date is Oct. 2013. Pre-order today.

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HK-RFID active tag page
Active-rfid.Net page


How to evaluate your chain retail shop's performance? Retail-101 Question.

Lecture Note:  Retail-101;  Question NO. 1 :

How can you evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns
your retail chain performance?

In real life, retail stores are hard to judge or predict the sales performance, compared with virtual online stores; Online marketing campaigns do have a lot of KPIs whereas the physical ones do not.

Virtual online stores can be easily evaluated using indicators like no. of (new/old) visitor, staying duration, sales conversion rate, and something as simple as junior school Maths.

For physical retail shops, the effectiveness of any marketing campaign remains unclear, until after the sales of the month results poorly. Why?

The key difference is lacking REAL TIME visitor monitoring in physical retail shop. 

It's very easy to do that with Axper's Vision II and Performance Plus!!!

Axper Vision II people traffic counter and retails analytic software Performance Plus can provide business intelligence by offering KPI just as timely &amp and easy as online  shops.

How it works? 

When we want to understand real sales performance opportunities and additional sales potential of a retail store, we will generally employ a equation as shown below:

Total sales
% sold
Average sales
100 people
10% or 10 transactions

The web-base analytic software can integrate Traffic Data (No. of Visitor) with Sales Value from POS and staff HR management (STS-approach), bringing you the full picture for each of your shops. And with the user-friendly interface, you can set up various bar charts and pie charts to show the performance of your retail business around the globe 24/7.

The holistic conversion rate is now online and most importantly, REAL TIME for multiple shops shown on one single Map, thanks to Axper and Performance Plus. After that, you can have a general idea of what gives rise to an unsatisfactory turnover and pin point the problems;
  • Pricing strategy? Traffic high vs low sales?
  • Lack of ads?  Traffic low vs low sales?
  • Lack of serving staff?  Traffic high vs low staff ?
  •  ....etc.
The more the customer traffic, the more stimulating  the sales. Together with  application of Axper's Vision II, Performance Plus substantiate the relationship between sales performance and traffic level with high readability, from which you will yield an insight of what needs to be improved and how to provoke customer traffic, enhance sales conversion and formulate an array of  retail planning strategies. These help further  facilitates decision in Merchandising, Budgeting, Supply Chain Management, Human Resources Management, Customer Relationship Management, and so on. More importantly, you can get the real-time visualized analysis at your convenience!

It truly streamlines and systematizes entire planning process for Retail Operations Analysis, with LEAST EFFORT but GREATEST RESULT!

Don't forget the homework - Cross reading:
A Peek on 3D Vision Camera in-action!
Visual-Based Visitor Counter for Retail or Events

Contact us for more information!

www.hk-rfid.com  |  www.active-rfid.net

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Watch me replacing the coin battery for Hussar and Garrison Tag.

Many people may not understand how RFID tags work, let alone having an idea of how to change their batteries. Here you will have a deep insight into how easy that can be!

This time our focus is on two tags, Hussar tag (NT02) and Garrison tag (RT02) respectively. The frequency of all our active RFID tags are 2.4Ghz band.  The former one is generally for convenient access tracking with its characteristics of extremely smallslim and light design; the later one is for asset management at industrial level, made of  super hard plastic materials with its characteristics of mount-on-metaldust-proof and waterproof . Garrison Tag also has bluetooth low energy (BT4.0), which is an open-protocol option.

For these two powerful tags, the process of changing batteries is NOT complicated at all. With its user-friendly design, it only takes you almost 1/6 time of cooking a cup noodle, as easy as changing the battery of your mobile phone!

www.hk-rfid.com  |  www.active-rfid.net
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Asset Tracking Management System (ATMS), leveraged in MTR

Have you ever thought of the SIMPLEST way to keep track of every component and spare part EFFECTIVELY and EFFICIENTLY?

You may ask...


Given that an increasing need of a large scale of asset tracking will magnify in the near future, we specifically designed an Asset Tracking Management System (ATMS), which is user-friendly, accurate and reliable for enterprise to manage their asset effectively, efficiently and economically without single human error!

This ATMS helps worker to record the check-in/check-out time for bulky spare parts to which unfriendly barcode labels are no longer useful. The Low-Power Active RFID tags runs on a coin batteries lasting for 3 years, and beacons every second to report their ID to the Empress system networks. A few readers can easily cover large workshop.

From an applied perspective, MTR thoroughly utilized ATMS to streamline the process of asset tracking with high operational efficiency.

We made these be the history:
X  Complicated procedure & red tape
X  Manually track asset 
X  Human Error
X  High installation cost

(*ATMS is empowered by EMPRESS 2.4Ghz RFID system)

For any enquiry, please contact HK-RFID sales representative.
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Arthome, a pottery studio makes use of mobile-marketing (NFC/QR) in their masterpiece gallery

Whether it is a Tai-Chi style hidden in the vase or 12 abalones on the clock, each art piece has a fascinating story to tell! 

Hong Kong creative pottery artist, Mr. Alan Lai, has combined his sense of art with the latest smartphone technology to link up their friends and tell stories. By making use of NFC/QR code, smartphone users can enjoy the videos delivered from artists, exchange the concepts on facebook. 

It is just like the creator walks along with you and explain about his creation one by one. Teachers and classmates are now tightly bonded together on facebook, thanks to the Smart Poster that link to class schedule and Fan page of Arthome. 

In this business case, there are 4 types of links. After tapping of each of those, the visitor will be directed to

  • product pages showing size, names, and creator
  • youtube video describing the details and the creation process
  • Arthome fan page on facebook (on poster)
  • Class schedule, announced on facebook (on poster) 

NFC-shop.net: www.nfc-shop.net
ARTHOME: www.arthome.hk
HK RFID: www.hk-rfid.com 


General Enquiries: info@hk-rfid.com
Sales Enquiries: sales@hk-rfid.com


Environment Monitoring in Data Centers

How do you monitor temperatures in your data centers currently? Is it useful and cost-effective? Probably no due to high measuring costs and efforts or inaccurate data. We have a much better solution for you. Read our newly published Data Center Case Study and you will find the answer!

For most companies, turning the air-conditioners to the lowest possible temperature every day and manual monitoring seems to be a feasible way to combat the temperature monitoring challenges brought by increasing processor speed and server rack density. However, such solution risks facility reliability and increases overall costs. 

The Tempcorder™ tags - Sense Tag and Moist Tag, possess accurate digital sensors, ensuring temperature and humidity data are measured reliably and automatically. Upon simple installation process of RFID readers and PC with the tags, any changes could be detected and notified for timely adjustments or preventive actions.  

With this automatic temperature monitoring system, human errors in measurement as well as wasted energy in cooling system could be greatly saved to lower costs. Better environment management could be achieved at the most cost-effective way now. 

Download and read the publication here for more details:

For inquiries, please contact our sales representatives:

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Tempcorder™ Tags Videos

How much do you know about the Tempcorder™ series? What functionalities do the different tag models possess and how could they be applied in various applications? Watch the latest videos on our YouTube channel to learn more!

The first video features the temperature sensing functionality of Sense Tag. Simulating an environment of both high and low temperature, temperature changes in the surrounding areas of Sense Tag are accurately measured. The data is sent along to the reader and reflected on the PC instantly. High sensitivity and accuracy enable an efficient and reliable temperature control process, which can be flexibly applied in various applications.

Watch video: Tempcorder™ Sense Tag Demonstration

The second video demonstrates the humidity sensing functionality of Moist Tag. When the tag is blown by a hair dryer, Moist Tag detects the humidity changes in the surroundings accurately while the corresponding data is reflected on PC simultaneously. Alternatively, when the tag is covered by wet tissue, Moist Tag functions in a timely manner - detecting humidity changes and sending accurate data to the PC. With Moist Tag, complicated and manual efforts in monitoring humidity level could be saved while accuracy and efficiency could be greatly enhanced.

Watch video: Tempcorder™ Moist Tag Demonstration

The third video showcases the special product design and high sensitivity of Extreme Tag. Equipped with an external probe, Extreme Tag is capable of sensing temperature in extreme conditions or dangerous zones such as railway tracks and mining tunnels. Its probe is placed in contact with extremely hot or cold objects to measure temperature directly in real time while the body of the tag remains at another less extreme environment. The smart design and functionality of Extreme Tag makes the most impossible temperature data capturing not only possible but easy, safe and accurate.

Watch video: Tempcorder™ Extreme Tag Demonstration

More application videos are on our YouTube channel. Please visit the channel:

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Sense Tag Application Case

Want to explore the features and functions of Sense Tag and see what it can do to help save costs for your environment monitoring process? The newly published Sense Tag Application Case will sure help you.

Temperature sensing and monitoring has become a common trend today. Suitable for diverse applications, Sense Tag is specially designed and manufactured to be able to be attached to various objects such as server racks, walls and stores in most areas using double sided tape or the hole at the top of the tag. Whether it is to prevent overheating, maintaining temperature level or just taking data for reference; Sense Tag provides you a simple and cost-effective solution.

With Sense Tag, changes of temperature in designated area could be known in real time through the system while corrective actions could be taken instantly. This contributes significantly to higher efficiency and lower costs, especially to industries which temperature monitoring is of extreme importance like data centers and greenhouses. Extra resources are no longer wasted to maintain temperature as it can now be accurately monitored and adjusted accordingly.  

Download and read the publication here for more details.

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RFID-enabled Building Component Database System (BCDS)

HK RFID has over 5 years of experience in implementing RFID in construction industry in HK. Our client bases cover all local developers and contractors. This RFID system can easily integrate with the logistics flow, quality assurance flow and BIM, it is highly praised and recommended by property owners. 

Turn-Key Solution
Regarding this RFID-enabled building component database system, we provide total solutions including hardware and software, as well as consultancy on how to implement in different construction materials.

We are looking for interested overseas partners to promote, offer support and implement the same system to overseas market.

For any enquiry, please contact HK-RFID sales representative.
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Hussar™ Application Case

Wanna know more about how Hussar™ series can be applied for people tracking or other people-related applications? Study our newly published Hussar™ Application case!

To unlock a door, we usually need a key or password. Now with the application of Hussar™ Tags, no more keys or passwords are required. The whole operation system simply contains a controller, a reader and Hussar™ Tags. . When you approach the door, carrying the Tag, the unique Tag ID of it will be sent to the reader for verification. Once the tag ID is verified, the door will be unlocked by the controller for your access.

Counting working hours, double checking the time input on attendance cards with computers are always tedious tasks to human resources department. With Hussar™ Tags, the attendance taking procedure can be done automatically. When the staff entering the office premise, the entry time together with the Tag ID will be sent to the installed reader and recorded in computers automatically.  This can greatly reduce the workload of human resources department.

You can download the application case here for more detailed description.

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Brand New Hussar™ Evaluation Kit

If you are going to track people, the Hussar™ Tag series will be a good choice. Slim Tag is the smallest and slimmest active tag which is convenient to be carried around. It can be placed inside a name badge or carried by a key chain. Card Plus Tag is in smart card size which fits labels of standard ISO card size. It incorporated both active RFID in 2.4 GHz and passive RFID in 13.56 MHz (NFC-compatible), enabling a wider range of applications.

You can now test the suitability of these two tags for people tracking with the newly introduced Hussar™ Evaluation Kit that contains a few Slim Tags and Card Plus Tags. Apart from hardware equipment, the Kit also includes a SDK (Software Development Kit). A demo program in the SDK lists the tag ID sent from the tags to the reader so as to keep real time tracking of people who are carrying the tags. You can make use of the SDK to further develop software program which best suits your application.

For inquiries, please contact our sales representatives:

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Application Videos of Hussar™ Tags

Hussar™ Tags are best used for people related applications. In order to facilitate your understanding of the application of Hussar™ Tags, we have prepared two video clips.

The first video is about access control. In an office, as staff carrying a Hussar™ tag approaches the entrance, the tag ID is sent to the reader and then to the controller for verification. Once the information is confirmed, the controller would unlock the door automatically. The staff could enter the office without any passwords or keys. The whole process is smooth and fast.

The second video is about attendance taking. When staff enters the office using the Hussar™ Tags, the system takes the record of the tag ID and time of entrance for attendance taking purposes. Human resources staff only need to retrieve such data from the system to obtain each staff’s attendance records. Complicated and manual procedures in counting time and double-checking records are eliminated to save time and effort.

More application videos are on our YouTube channel demonstrating how Hussar™ Tags can be applied for people. Please visit the channel:

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NFC-shop.net offers best NFC tag in big discount

NFC-shop.net is now offering special discount for NFC phone, NFC label and tags. This online shop promises a fast delivery and best dollar-for-value products, including SAMSUNG smartphone models which has NFC-function.

Please also LIKE the facebook page of NFC-shop.net for exclusive discount and update. There will be surprising gifts or discounts inside facebook shop from time to time, only available on facebook online shop. If you want to know more NFC news, or more ideas on how to use or what can be done, please also check out the blog "NFC-Maniac", written by our NFC reporter Kitty, who is the expert in East Asia High-Tech culture, and is bringing the latest and most interesting Japanese/Korea's NFC applications to the blog.


News and Tips on NFC


Hong Kong RFID provides Building Component Database System (BCDS) to the Biggest Public Housing Project in HK

Hong Kong RFID is awarded for providing BCDS to the development of Anderson Road project, which is currently the biggest public housing project in Hong Kong. To help you imagine the scale of Anderson Road development, you just need to see how many estates are adjacent to the area; Shun Chi Court, Shun Lee Estate, Shun On Estate, Shun Tin Estate, Sau Mau Ping Estate and Po Tat Estate.

There are 4 local big contactors are participating the infrastructures and building projects. We are honored to provide BCDS to all public housing project here, and participate and being a part of this gigantic project.

Anderson Road Project Details from Wiki:
-          23 blocks of housing
-          1880 housing and 25000 residents
-          40 ha area

The development area can be clearly seen across the habour, it almost covers half of the Kowloon. Photo from Wiki.

Photo from anderson road project official site.

Useful Links:


SERAP Program from ITC helps HK RFID's R&D

Mr. Mike Fung, Operation Director of Hong Kong RFID ltd, explains how SERAP Program from ITC helps HK RFID's R&D.

Mr. Mike Fung Introduce HK RFID on TVB

Mr. Mike Fung, Operation Director introduces HK RFID and its technology on TVB.


2013 RFIDJournal Live! Orlando!

First, we announced the opening of our online shop NFC-shop.net, where offers high quality and fast delivery of NFC tags, labels and accessories. Secondly, an stylish NFC app named Tapogram which can record and play sound clip using NFC labels, is now available on Google Play. Come on enjoy the FREE download and give it a try. Don’t forget our Tapogram spoke person TaTa and PoPo. They are really cute and have many creative suggestions on how to use Tapogram. You can see them in our Tapogram youtube channel.   

And lastly, we have also launched our new 2.4GHz active reader EM02 as the successor of former popular model EMWF. The new reader offers improved accuracy, RSSI, user friendly auto firmware update  functions, and more. You can’t afford to miss it.

We are so excited to meet with old friends and partners. If you are with us in the RFID show, hope you enjoy the show and have great fun.

Online shop: www.nfc-shop.net
Website for app: www.tapogram.net

Youtube Channel for Tapogram. http://www.youtube.com/user/Tapogram/...