Smart label tells DRY or WET, by Smartrac

In Shanghai C-star exhibition, we have successfully demonstrated the latest sensor label; the Sensor Dogbone label by Smartrac, Inc. 

In this demo, by turning the water bag up-side-down inside the box, we can simulate the situation of dry or wet situation; and the RFID label outside the box can sense the moisture content inside. 

Reader in demo: NordicID Sampo
RFID Tag in demo: Smartrac Sensor Dogbone

This latest moisture sensor tag is a passive RFID tag, provided by Smartrac. Without battery and any probe in contact with the content, it can return the sensor code which can tell the RFID reader whether it is "DRY" or "WET". It will have temperature sensing option soon. 

Why sensor label?
- no battery is needed
- no direct contact (no rusting problem for sensor probe)
- low cost

There are wide applications not limited to food/medical logistics, also diapers, planting sensors, moisture/temperature sensitive products. 

Contact us for more information: sales@hk-rfid.com