HKRFID speaking in seminar - "RFID and Its Related Application" held by OGCIO

HKRFID participated in a seminar held by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) to discuss the role of RFID in such management methods in June. The theme of the seminar was “RFID and Its Related Application”. HKRFID was one of the speakers delivering a speech titled “Advanced Use of RFID for Management in 21st Century”.

In the 21st century, many advance management methods such as 6-sigma, lean, etc. are developed. They all require gathering of Real Time data for quality, performance or costing evaluation.

Representatives from more than 26 government departments attended the seminar. We introduced a few existing applications as well as some potential innovative applications. We shared one of our existing cases, Hardcopy Document Management which is suitable for the banking and finanace industry in our presentation. Our RFID enabled Hardcopy Document Management System allows users to link physical objects with an "e-document". Also, traceability of confidential or important documents is possible. The system helps to manage hardcopies in a much more efficient way.

We also have a comprehensive Construction Management System which is used by contractors of public housings. The whole construction process could be managed by RFID technology. Non-replaceable and genuine tags, useful information embedded, free from human errors in checking, and maintenance records readily available are some advantages of our Construction Management System.

Other potential applications include Fast Asset Checking System for Police or Fire fighting vehicles and Contractor Duty Record Management/Audit. Firemen have to check the availability of proper equipment when accidents occurrs. Active RFID devices are suitable for long reading distances and reading of large number of items. This type of RFID device helps to save time and prevent human errors. By using Active RFID technology, firemen could locate the needed equipment within seconds.

RFID provides the best method in monitoring the contractors’ duty, e.g. inspection, maintenance and time duration on site. For remote services, RFID provides cost calculation allowing accurate charging schemes based on consumption, amount and duration of service provided. One could keep monitoring the duty records of contractors in trees management, hygiene management, civil maintenance etc.