Brilliant! Tag your rental bikes!

It is the era of paperless operation. Bike rental business should be able to catch up with the trend! And...RFID can help!

With Garrison Responsive Tags, no more hand-written or paper rental records are needed. Empress RFID readers and the smart system will do that for you.

It’s awesome yet simple! What you need is just-
- Garrison Responsive Tags tagged bikes
- Empress Handheld Active Reader
- A smart system

It offers
Unique Bike IDs - each bike is entitled an unique ID with the tag for trace and check
Improved Security - you can track the bike within defined distance
Paperless Record - the system do the e-recording for you
Errors Minimization - clear and systematic records of clients information with bike ID

What are you waiting for? Go get the impressive technology for your rental business today!