Milos NFC Authentication and Anti-counterfeit Service [PRE-ORDER]

How to make sure your products are free of counterfeit?

With Milos NFC authentication and anti-counterfeit service, your product can all be easily identified for their genuineness during any point of distribution by using a NFC-enabled mobile phone.

Limited edition shoes, or about-to-MP samples; no matter how carefully you control the release of your product, your manufacturing process, distribution and sales channels are vulnerable to copying activities and counterfeits. Any counterfeit can destroy your luxury brand image that built for a long time. 

A easy and handy authentication measure can prevent multi-million dollars loss just due to the lack of control or anti-counterfeit measures. The authenticity of a product is the key for protecting your quality and brand.

NFC stands for Near-Field Communication, (Youtube video link for how NFC works) which is a standard for smartphone to establish RF communication with any other device or NFC tag. By implanting a NFC tag inside your product, and using our Milos NFC authentication and anti-counterfeit service, any smartphone with NFC functions, can easy trace and track the identity info of product, show the GENUINENESS or AUTHENTICITY of a product.

Our service is to provide:
-          Consultation on how to add a CHIP inside your product
-          Online authentication service
-          Usage report and suspicious counterfeit activities alerts
-          Data integration service, ID associates with production information or warranty data

How to Ensure Your Products Are TRULY GENUINE?

Here are the steps;

Step 1: Manufacturing process:
-          Register a NFC label into product after the last step of production QC process.
-          Automatically associate the tag info with the product data information, these data are uploaded into our server 

Step 2: Marketing and Distribution
-          Any goods or restricted samples, which bare a smart label, can now be tracked carefully. Since the goods/samples have a unique ID, the recipient can now easily confirm the delivery note using their mobile phone.  
-          The distributors can now easily check the genuineness and ensure no counterfeit product are mixed inside the goods. Their warranty record can also be associated to individual items.

Step 3: Product Verification by Consumer
-          The customer/end user can now use their mobile phone to check the genuineness as well as product information or warranty information.
-          Any interaction between product owner and product user become feasible

Our Milos NFC Online authentication service is entirely a cloud application, it is carefully designed to prevent:
-          Cloning of the device and copying of the product data
-          Skimming, or interrogate of the tag by a rogue reader
-          Eavesdropping, the interception of legitimate communication between a reader and tag
-          Data tampering, the changing of data on a device to match an altered label or shipping documentation; erasing data or the insertion of malicious data/code

Highly Flexible to Set Your Own Rules
Since our Milos NFC Online authentication service is entirely a cloud application, product owners are completely free to set their own rules. Usage reports are available online any time anywhere, or even automatically generated each months. These data are proved to be useful to predict or prevent whether the counterfeit occurs.

Choices of NFC Tags and Label
We offers a wide choice of NFC label or token for order. Here we shows those standard labels, however, other special size and customized forms are available upon request;
-          NFC Label Dia. 45mm (logo printing available)
-          NFC Label Dia. 25mm (logo printing available)
-          NFC Destroyable Hang Tag (logo printing available)
-          NFC PVC Wristband  (logo printing available)
-          Tokens

  (NFC Wristband)

(Destroyable Hang Tag)

 (Label Dia. 45mm)

Milos NFC authentication and anti-counterfeit service will be ready to launch in Q1 2013. And the labels and tags are all ready for order.  Please stay tune on our blog or newsletter, or please contact us for more information.

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What is Building Components Database System (BCDS)?

Building Components Database System (BCDS) is a RFID-enabled and a web-based software system. The goal of the BCDS is to keep track of RFID tagged items, managed information of items without significant human effort, increase work efficiency and productivity while maintaining the accuracy of building component status tracking. BCDS helps to maintain daily operations of managing building components with the help of RFID technology.

Users can access the BCDS as a Web Application or by using handheld readers.  It is used for retrieving items' status information. The system would track the item information, workflow records and reports that are generated based on the data stored in the BCDS.

The advantages of BCDS;
-          To provide an Identification to building component,
-          To digitize the QC and manufacturing history
-          To share data with client and supplier quickly
-          To eliminate paperwork, hence reduce error
-          To save time and money by advanced management

BCDS gives an Permanent & Unique ID to the basic building block precast "fa├žade", which traditionally using hand-writing.

The latest BCDS is not limited to Building Components (BCs), it also extends to the tracking of concrete test cube for material testing and building service equipment (BS) for asset maintenance.  

"Building Component Database System" consists of below components;
-          Various types of RFID Tags (to be installed in building components)
-          RFID handheld PDA (Readers) with software pre-installed, and PC middleware for readers,
-          A web-base management system (BCDS)

Commonly tagged BC items are precast concrete facades, aluminum windows and louvres, timber doorsets, gatesets, etc.

Commonly tagged BS items are Pumps, water tanks, electrical generators, escalator, fire alarm, fire security system, etc.  

Our case reference:

Building Components
Hong Kong Housing Authority - Public Housing Projects, Shek Kip Mei Phase 2
Yau Lee - Hsin Chong JV, Kai Tak Area 1B Development project

Concrete Test Cubes
Hong Kong Housing Authority - Public Housing Projects, Shek Kip Mei Phase 2

Building Service Equipment
Hong Kong Housing Authority – Public Housing Project, Total 280 Estates

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Launch of Moist Tag HKRAT-HT01 and Extreme Tag HKRAT-PT02

Launch of Moist Tag HKRAT-HT02 and Extreme Tag HKRAT-PT02

Welcome our two new members of the Tempcorder family! Hong Kong RFID Ltd. is excited to announce the addition of Moist Tag HKRAT-HT02 and Extreme Tag HKRAT-PT02 to its Temporder 2.4GHz active RFID tag family. With the newly added functionalities and powerful design, flexibility in temperature monitoring applications is greatly enhanced for effective and efficient uses in environment control and hazard prevention. 
Feeling frustrated to obtain accurate and instant temperature or humidity readings in hard-to-reach locations but of vital importance? It is now possible with our Moist Tag HKRAT-HT02 and Extreme Tag HKRAT-PT02.

Moist Tag HKRAT-HT02

Specially designed to be equipped with an accurate humidity sensor of up to 1% resolution, Moist Tag HKRAT-HT02 can measure humidity range from 0 - 100% as well as temperature information in a real time manner. Periodically, data collected are sent along with the tag ID to the reader and then to the central server, empowering accurate and timely data for strict environment control and monitoring applications.
Together with its robust design and durability, Moist Tag HKRAT-HT02 can be attached easily and firmly onto different objects. Its replaceable battery with long battery life definitely makes is a cost-effective choice for humidity sensing applications.

Extreme Tag HKRAT-PT02

Equipped with an external probe, Extreme tag PT02 can detect a wide temperature range of –200°C to +500°C. The probe can be placed in contact with objects that are extremely hot while the body of the tag remains at another location that is of less extreme temperature. This separation design of an external probe from the tag body prevents battery from being placed at extreme locations that are too hot or too cold, and thus, avoiding the possibility of explosive damages of battery or inaccurate measurement due to wrong detection.

Apart from this, temperature data collected can be sent back to the central server instantly for monitoring purpose. When a location is overheated or the temperature reaches an unusual level, alarm is triggered as a warning so that immediate actions can be taken to prevent the occurrence of dangerous hazards.
With its excellent measuring ability and long battery life, temperature monitoring in extreme and harsh environments is no longer a difficult task!

Ideally designed to meet the diverse environment needs, both Moist Tag and Extreme Tag is believed to be widely adopted in monitoring and hazard prevention applications in a variety of fields such as heating, ventilation usage in railway stations and electric meter rooms.

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TempcorderTM 2.4GHz Active Tag Series

TempcorderTM 2.4GHz Active Tag Series

Breakthrough in environment control application
Featuring Excellent Sensitivity and Durability
The TempcorderTM family of active RFID tags from Hong Kong RFID Ltd. would be the best choice for applications in environment control and hazard prevention. With new product releases, clients can enjoy never-been-known benefits with just a tiny active RFID tag, designed with powerful features, providing users with a comprehensive and unparalleled experience.
The TempcorderTM tag family consists of a series of environment sensing active RFID tags equipped with accurate sensors and powerful RFID functionality. Together with the excellent reliability and careful designs, they can be used in diverse temperature measurement applications to deliver accurate real-time temperature data to the central server for monitoring purposes.
The Tempcorder tag family has three members: Sense Tag HKRAT-TT02, Moist Tag HKRAT-HT02 and Extreme Tag HKRAT-PT02. Each demonstrates unique features and provides users the most flexibility in applying tags on different objects as well as in any harsh environment.

Sense Tag HKRAT-TT02

Performing stably, ambient temperature data ranging from -20oC – +120oC can be measured and sent to the reader at a distance of 5-50m even around RF-unfriendly material, enabling temperature detection at a guaranteed accuracy of RF transmission.

Moist Tag HKRAT-HT02

Equipped with a humidity sensor of up to 1% RH resolution, instant accurate humidity and temperature data are sent along with the tag ID to the reader and then the central server periodically for environment monitoring and controlling applications.

Extreme Tag HKRAT-PT02

With the wide detection temperature ranging from –200°C to +500°C, the probe design of Extreme Tag HKRAT-PT02 can be placed in contact with objects that are extremely hot while the body of the tag remains at another location that is of less extreme temperature. Temperature monitoring in extreme environment is now much easier.


Common Uses & Applications in Industries:

In any application requiring strict control of a given temperature to be kept stable or temperature information in hard-to-reach locations are critical, our TempcorderTM series would make the perfect choice.
General Applications

Different tags in the Tempcorder series are suitable for applications in almost all industries to manage and control diverse processes and ensure the operation of workflows at the lowest failure rate.
Sensors in Tempcorder series tags detect temperature or humidity changes in server rooms, communication racks or document rooms in organizations in a real time manner, while the air-conditioner and dehumidifier could be adjusted automatically according to the data captured by the tags to make sure dryness and temperature in the locations as well as prevent overheating or fire of documents.    
Transportation & Infrastructure Industry

To achieve fast, flexible and cost effective monitoring in transportation infrastructure, a Tempcorder tag is ideally suited to control functionality problems such as engine, brake and track overheating, especially for the underground railway where manual measurement and monitoring is difficult. Extreme Tag HKRAT-PT02 of the Tempcorder family has a temperature sensing probe of wide sensing range of -200°C to +500°C which could be placed in contact with railway tracks to closely monitor and prevent temperature from rising above a certain level. Other similar applications that Tempcorder tags could be applied in are for airplane hangars, road or mining tunnels and elevators.
Energy, Oil & Gas Industry

Contributing to a safer and more efficient operating process, early sensing and detection of unusual conditions is of critical importance in the industry and to prevent detrimental accidents from happening. Our TempcorderTM tags help achieve more accurate and timely control by detecting any changes in temperature or humidity due to intrusion at the early stage for maintenance and prevention. Sense Tag HKRAT-TT02 which is of IP65 standard could be attached to pipelines to detect any temperature change which might be a result of leakages.

Environment & Geo-technical Industry  

In the research and development of geotechnical projects, temperature and moisture sensors of Tempcorder tags help greatly enhance the understanding and monitoring of soil displacement and hydrology processes, especially in instable regions. Moist Tag HKRAT-HT02 which is equipped with a humidity sensor could be used to obtain detailed temperature and humidity data to facilitate the planning and development process of geotechnical projects as well as to reduce risks during implementation.

Hong Kong RFID Ltd. has always endeavored to strive for innovation in product functionality and aesthetic designs; the TempcorderTM series launch reflects our commitment to innovation and setting new standards in the market. 

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Hong Kong RFID Ltd – Winning of The Tao Heung Innovative Entrepreneur Award

The 16th Innovative Entrepreneur Awards Presentation Ceremony was successfully held at the Hyatt Regency Hong Kong, 17th August 2012. Hong Kong RFID Ltd, joining the competition for the first time, was honored to receive "The Tao Heung Innovative Entrepreneur Award". Over 150 guests, including panels of judges, representatives from winning companies, leading businessmen and reporters, attended the award presentation ceremony.

Organized by City Junior Chamber (CJC), the campaign aims to recognize the achievements and contributions of entrepreneurs who pursue excellence and embrace innovative ideas relentlessly. Throughout the years, recognitions has been presented to 150 awardees to encourage and recognize entrepreneurs’ efforts on applying creativity and innovation in their journeys of creating startups, as well as acknowledging Hong Kong companies established for at least 2 years to at most 6 years which have developed or launched an innovative product during the period.

"Be Creative, we love Innovation" is the theme of this year. To stand out, Hong Kong RFID Ltd. has demonstrated its strengths and innovativeness throughout the whole selection process, which included an initial screening by the judging panel and a presentation at the final judging interview. The judging criteria are based on a range of aspects, including originality, creativity & uniqueness, risk & financial management, marketing strategy, developmental prospects and social responsibility.

It is a great honor for Hong Kong RFID Ltd. to be recognized as a creative and innovative entrepreneur in today’s competitive environment. This is attributed by its persistence and continuous efforts to innovate through pioneering technology to enhance the living standard in our community. This prestigious award will help elevate local presence while Hong Kong RFID Ltd. is determined to strive for excellence and devoted to keeping abreast of innovation continuously.

About the Award
The Innovative Entrepreneur Award" belongs to part of the “Innovative Entrepreneur 2012 Series", organized by the famous awarding brand - City Junior Chamber with more than a decade of history. Since 2007, "Innovative Entrepreneur” has also developed three other brands: Innovative Entrepreneur Association; Innovative Entrepreneur Academy & Innovative Entrepreneur Odyssey. In 2008, it also joined the “Shadow Innovative Entrepreneur”. Over the years, it has been working with efforts and strives to encourage and inspire the public to start their own innovative business.

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Mid-Autumn Elderly Visit

On 22nd September, a team of volunteers from HK-RFID gathered together with other participants at the Lok Sin Tong Wong Chung Ming Secondary School, waiting to participate in the “Mid-Autumn Elderly Visit” held by the Lok Sin Tong Benevolent Society, Kowloon. A total of 500 volunteers were enthusiastic to celebrate Mid-autumn festival with the elderly.

Divided into numerous groups, volunteers were assigned to visit different homes with gifts. Our team of volunteers was divided into two different groups assigned to visit a total of four homes. It was really such a pleasure to see the smiles on the elderly we visit when they greet us at the door and shared with us their stories

As a highlight of the event, moon cakes were delivered to each of them together with our blessings to celebrate Mid-autumn Festival which also is a festival of family reunion and gathering. We hope our gifts could show our care and respect to the elderly whom have poured their lifetime effort in building the city we live in now.

All the elderly we visited have enjoyed a happy weekend morning and fruitful Mid-autumn Festival celebration while our team of volunteers has gained a rewarding experience. All of them would love to participate and support future volunteering activities on behalf of Hong Kong RFID Ltd. As a caring company, HK-RFID grabs any opportunities to organize more volunteering activities as well as encourages our staff to fulfill the mission of contributing to the community together.

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Successful Stories: ZERO Defect in Passive RFID Implementation for Asset Management

Hong Kong RFID has just completed a massive implementation of passive RFID tags for Hong Kong Housing Authority. It is the largest RFID implementation for asset management ever in HK in terms of no. of estates and building services equipment involved; over 34000 pieces of tags were installed in over 1700 buildings and over 300 estates. The project is aimed to keep track of the equipment history of order and maintenance contracts. There are 67 types of building service equipment can now be identified using RFID handhelds.

This 10-month project is completed within the schedule and budget, and with an amazingly low defect rate. With this perfect implementation, the Project Manager, Mr. Francis Tai, is thankful to his assistant Mr. Ma Chun Man, the installation field operators and related IT staffs for their excellent performance. 

At the meantime, Mr. Francis Tai would like to share his experience and his tips for such as successful implementation, for those who might be planning to install similar projects. 

Design considerations and tips for RFID tagging for asset management projects:

1)      The ID written in RFID Tag, the memory block designation

It is important to have a good plan on how to write the information. Here are the basics of RFID; inside each RFID tag, there are memory storages divided similar to different document trays on your table; the up-most tray is called EPC, which is the part RFID readers read first and distinct the tags by the ID. The second tray is the User memory, which the information are storage. The third and fourth tray are where lock and kill password stored. They acts like the keys for write-protection and kill-protection. Many RFID IC manufacturers have different sizes on EPC and User memory range from 96-bit to 512-bit, the lock/kill password are generally 32-bit. Some models may have the last tray called TID, a unique ID managed by IC manufacturer, either 32-bit or 64-bit.

It is important to consider who will manage the ID sequence; the user, the equipment provider, the tag provider, the tag writer or the integrator. And which format is used; there are widely recognized standards such as GIAI-96 or GIAI-128 for reference. A password or lock and kill can increase the robustness of such systems, which might be used by multiple parties.

2)      Sensitive mount-on-metal RFID tag,

The better sensitivity is, the longer is the reading range. It is affected by the size of tag, the antenna type of reader and the power of RFID reader. Except the last one can be adjusted through reader software, others are parameters set once the tag and reader models are confirmed. It is recommended to select a tag and reader model which exceed the actual operation requirements by 50-100%. For example, choose the tag which can read 1-2m even though less than 1m is required.

3)      Continuity of RFID tag IC, readers and standards

For asset management which the system commonly operates more than 5-10 years, it is important to consider the continuity of RFID tag IC models and readers. Special features for some models might seem useful at first but it might be a big trouble once the IC or readers discontinued, or no longer supported.

4)      Tagging objects and mounting methods

The equipment to be tagged have many kinds of surface, such as metal, concrete, plastic, wood and fiber board. The RFID tag should work on these surfaces. Generally, concrete wall surfaces reduce the reading range by up to 10-20%. Metal object behind the RFID tag will not affect the tag but those hinder the line-of-sight would reduce the range substantially.

As a result, the mounting methods for all kinds of equipment should be well defined to avoid the situations described, leading to bad reading range.

5)      Visual information is as important as invisible information

Even though RFID provides computer-recognized information, it is still a good idea to print clear human recognizable information on the tag using label. Not just reducing errors in installation, it also makes a lot easier for operators to spot the tag. Hence, the printing machine and printing label software should be part of the system design in the project.

6)      Multiple reading sometimes getting problematic

One of the key feature of RFID to out-perform barcode is the ability to scan multiple tags. However, the system providers should be careful of doing single tag operations when other tags are in range. For example, reading/writing one specific tag information in between 4-5pcs of tags which installed nearby. Tragedy happens if the system provider overlooks this and roll out the system. Enough tests should be done to prove the software’s robustness. There are many tips to avoid such thing happens but the technical contents are beyond the scope of this article. Please feel free to consult your RFID solution providers.

Lastly, it is highly recommended to hire a qualified RFID integrator who have prior experience rather than relying on in-house IT team. Here are some tips for system integrators on how to achieve ZERO Failure in Passive RFID Installation for Asset Management.

1)      Well-planned installation method for various types of Building Service equipment

It is a must to try all the RFID on all types of building service equipment in real situations. There are lots of RF-unfriendly environment or physical installation restriction which may be out of the plan. Earlier spotting on these situations can have earlier communication with client, so as to manage their expectation. 

2)      Well-QC and well-written RFID tag before RFID installation

It is highly recommended to prepare the tag in controllable environment like factory or office, rather than on-site. All tag information, written data and printed information are recommended to store in database.

3)      Well-programmed RFID Handheld during Installation

During installation, the RFID handheld are recommended to load with program only designed for installation. Tests should be included during installation, such as reading range test, ID and information check. The operation log/record should be kept and synchronized once back to office.

Please contact us if you have any question or suggestions.