New Lockable RFID Tags with Duel RF, and Other New Utility Passive RFID Tags

In this article, we would like to preview a few very unique Passive RFID products that we are going to launch in coming quarter.

These tags are designed for retail industries and aimed for fast & easy deployment for the front-end shop keeper. Some of them, such as Bottle Clamp Lock, have duel RF features, i.e. they have both UHF for inventory management and AM/RF for Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS).

The UHF RFID provides Electronic Product Code (EPC) and user writable memory, it is the best for supply chain management. And AM/RF EAS is used in daily life for shoplifting prevention, they don't have a ID but it works with conventional EAS gates in shops worldwide.

Washable Laundry Tag
This is a laundry tag suitable for following applications;
-          Costume management in Theme Park or TV industry
-          Wedding Gown Suit & evening Dress Rental Industry
-          Linen management for hospital

Silicone rubber
Operation Temperature
-20C to 50C, 10-95%RH
Storage Temperature
-40C to 55C
Extreme Temperature
Dry cleaning: 80C for 1 hour,
Heat Drying: 120C for 10mins,
Ironing: 200C for 10sec,
Durable Life
200 times wishing or 3 years
EPC ISO18000-6C
Higgs 3
96bits EPC
512bit User
Reading Range
~1.5-2.0m using UHF Handheld Reader at max power

Clip-Teeth Tag
This Clip-Teeth Tag is ideal for any clothes, garment, easily clip on any materials such as leather, cotton, synthetic fiber, etc., suitable for following applications;
-          Costume management in Theme Park or TV industry
-          Wedding Gown Suit & evening Dress Rental Industry
-          Linen management for hospital

Operation Temperature
-20C to +55C
IP rating
EPC ISO18000-6C
Higgs 3
96bits EPC
512bit User
RFID Reading Range
~3m using UHF Handheld Reader at max power

Bottle Clamp Lock-Tag, duel RF (UHF & EAS)
This is a wine bottle lock-tag,  the 2-piece clamp make it easy for bottle with diameter about 26-29mm. Once fastened, a detacher key is needed to unlock it. This lock-tag has both EAS and RFID chip inside, suitable for both inventory tracking and shoplifting prevention.

Suitable for :
- Liquor retail
- Wine storage management
- Anti-shoplifting for wine or liquor


Dia. 68mm × 55mm
Operation Temperature
-20C to +55C
IP rating
Bottle Diameter
EAS: AM / RF EAS System
EAS: AM / RF EAS System
RFID: 860MHz-960MHz
Higgs 3
96bits EPC
512bit User
RFID Reading Range
~0.8m using UHF Handheld Reader at max power

G-Lock Tag
This a lock that suitable for any wire/string shape items such as necklace and watch. Once locked, a detacher is required to unlock it. The highly sensitive RFID IC provides a long reading range even the tag size is so small. It is suitable for;

  • Jeweler management
  • Watch tagging
  • Cable tagging

A detacher key (tag remover) is shown in above photo for reference. 

21 x 55 x 9mm
Operation Temperature
-20C to +55C
IP rating
EPC ISO18000-6C
Higgs 3
96bits EPC
512bit User
RFID Reading Range
~3m using UHF Handheld Reader at max power

Steel Hook Tag,
This steel-hook tag has superb robustness and long reading distance, suitable for objects like
-          Large steel
-          concrete structure
-          Steel pipe
-          steel rack tagging

It is widely used in logistics, steel manufacturing and construction industry.

(length customizable)
PTFE Tube and steel hook
Operation Temperature
-20C to +85C
IP rating
EPC ISO18000-6C
Higgs 3
96bits EPC
512bit User
RFID Reading Range
~5m using UHF Handheld Reader at max power
Protection Withstand
Impact and shock
Temperature shock
Aging by Ultraviolet Light (UV)
Alkaline and acidic attack

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DIY, Implant a NFC Chip into Your One-piece Pop Figure

This is a step-by-step guide instruction on how to implant a NFC Chip into small items such as figure model. Here we go, first please prepare:

1.      Your favorite figure model
2.      9mm diameter NFC Tag: HKRHT-J04
3.      Any mobilephone (in our case, Google Nexus S) with NFC, install an app called NFC Quick Action

STEP 1: Write the web-link into the NFC tag-J04. Make sure you turned on the NFC function in setup.

STEP 2: First open NFC Quick Action, and choose URL, type in the website. Put the tag behind the mobile phone back until you see the tag is written.

STEP 3: Stick the tag in your favorite spot using the self-adhesive behind the tag.

STEP 4: Now your figure can trigger a website on your mobile phone. You may try type in youtube link, or contact information as well.

Introduction about the 9mm diameter RFID (NFC) tag
The tag will use is a 9mm diameter RFID tag originally designed for small items such as mobile phone (rental applications) and jewelry. The small form factor of HKRHT-J04 make it easy for nearly all kind of items. Just keep in mind that this is not a mount-on-metal RFID tag, so please don't use it on metallic surface. Despite of its small size, it still can provide a 10-15mm reading range using Google Nexus S. This reading range is comparable to large size paper back RFID Tag.

HKRHT-J04 is a standard off-the shelf product and available in small volume purchase such as 50-100pcs per bag or bulk purchase. Please contact us for pricing information. 

This is a Touch & Link application in NFC market, in fact, there are numerous application to explore. NFC is a useful technology to LET THINGS TALK for itself through your mobile phone. If you want to design your NFC application and you need experts advice, please contact us. Our service also includes:
-          pre-write your information into the NFC chip
-          customise NFC label

Please contact us for any sales enquiry.

Available in NFC-shop NOW.

Refer readings:


New Product Preview: Valio Gadget Tag

There is a new product line joining our Empress FamilyValio! The first member of this new line, named Valio Gadget Tag (PN: HKRAT-ET02), will be launched soon.

Key Feature 1: Slim and Low Profile Design

Just like applying labels or asset naming plates, any kind of devices can be tracked by our Gadget Tag because of its thin and light design. Not only is the Gadget Tag suitable for large machines, it is also suitable for small electrical appliances like notebooks, tablet computers and even smart phones

Key Feature 2: Tamperproof

When the tamper-proof sensor is triggered, signal will be emitted to the Empress™ Active Reader preventing unauthorized removal of the tag from the device. Gadget Tag also responses to reader constantly by sending out the unique ID to facilitate real time tracking within the monitoring range. 

Properties can now be properly taken care of with the adoption of Gadget Tag. Stay tune for the release of the Gadget Tag!

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Introduction of New Evaluation Kit for Tempcorder Series

Our all new Tempcorder Evaluation Kit are now available. All tags in the Tempcorder series and one reader of your choice (HKRAR-EMWF) are included in each kit.

A demo program is included in the kit apart from the hardware. Not only listing the unique ID of tags, the temperature or humidity data will also be listed along with the ID. The program instantly plots the data received from the tag in a line chart, allowing easier and better monitoring of the environment and hence take immediate action accordingly.

More details for the new kit are included in the leaflet. We sincerely welcome any inquiry about our Tempcorder Evaluation Kit.

Please contact us for any sales enquiry.

Applications of Tempcorder Tag Series

In server rooms, tens of hundreds servers are packed together in such a small room. Malfunctioning may occur if any of them is overheated and cause down time of network which could result in huge losses to companies. How can we prevent this problem with Sense Tag (PN: HKRAT-TT02)?

In industrial sites, extremely hot liquid should be under close monitoring. Certain train components would become extremely hot during operation. If such component is overheated, danger might be caused. How can these extreme conditions be controlled and monitored with Extreme Tag (PN: HKRAT-PT02)?

In museums, valuable paintings and statues should be taken care of properly to avoid any damage. In law firms and banks, important originals should also be saved at places with good ventilation. How can we ensure proper protection to these invaluable properties with Moist Tag (PN: HKRAT-HT02)?

More details on all these application with our Tempcorder series can be found in the Tempcorder Case Study:

Tempcorder Case

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Moist Tag and Extreme Tag Demonstration

The two new products launched in October, Moist Tag (PN:HKRAT-HT02) and Extreme Tag (PN: HKRAT-PT02), had undergone a series of tests in the Reliability Testing Laboratory to demonstrate their powerful sensing features.

Moist Tag

Moist Tag is a powerful active RFID tag equipped with a digital sensor providing accurate sensing of temperature and humidity.

In our demonstration, three Moist Tags are placed inside the chamber with changing temperature and humidity settings. An Empress Active Reader is connected to a PC next to the chamber. Instant data will be sensed by the Moist Tags and sent to the reader with the tag ID constantly. Data collected on the reader will be processed by the demo program installed in the computer.

Moist Tag is specially designed to be equipped with an accurate humidity sensor of up to 1% RH resolution and wireless functions. Humidity data will be sent to the reader that is connected to the central server periodically, which empowers accurate and timely data for strict environment control and monitoring applications.

Watch the video now:

Extreme Tag

Extreme Tag is a temperature sensing tag specifically designed to be equipped with an external probe to monitor temperatures ranging from -200 to +500 for environment control or hazard prevention at extreme surroundings. With a separation design for the tag, the tag can be placed at a stable and moderate temperature environment, while the probe can be attached to environment with extreme temperature.

In our demonstration, we placed the external probe of Extreme Tag inside the chamber with the changing temperature, while the body of the tag remains outside the chamber. The Empress Active Reader receives temperature data captured inside the chamber from the tags and such data will be processed by the demo program installed in the PC and presented in a line chart. The gradually changing curve reflects the condition inside the chamber accurately and timely.

Watch the videos now:

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People Caring Award – Certificate of Merit

The HSBC Living Business Award 2012 Presentation Ceremony is going to be held at the JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong on 16th November 2012. Our company is honored to be awarded “People Caring Award – Certificate of Merit”. This ceremony is organized by HSBC in recognizing Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) who manage their business responsibly and sensitively with regard to people, the community and the environment to ensure long-term development.

Five main categories will be judged: employee training and development, internal communication, equal opportunities, employee welfare, work-life balance and family-friendly practices. Our company participated in this award for the first time and is pleased to be awarded Certificate of Merit in People Caring. 

“Staff is the asset of our company. Everyone has his/her own talent and everyone is elite.” commented Mike Fung, Operation Director of Hong Kong RFID Ltd. “We wish to create a family-friendly working environment as both family and work are important parts of life.” The award recognizes all measures we have taken to ensure a pleasant work environment for staff.

About the Award
People Caring Award – Certificate of Merit” belongs to part of the “HSBC Living Business Awards”, which is an annual award scheme organized by HSBC supported by the Business Environment Council (BEC), the Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS) and the Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management (HKITM)

The award was first launched in 2004 and has recognized over 1,000 local SMEs from a wide range of industries. Entering the eighth year, the award scheme has a structure, which focuses on the three pillars: environmental protection, community engagement, and care for employees.


Waterproof All-in-one 2.4GHz Active Reader (PN: HKRAA-24E1)

When Empress Active RFID readers adopt into a IP65 waterproof enclosure (PN: HKRAA-24E1) with a 14dBi directional antenna, it gives birth a perfect one-piece, super long-range reader for outdoor-use. The extended read range and compact design make it an ideal component in any 2.4GHz industrial, construction or metro transit applications.

Waterproof and Dustproof Rating
The antenna enclosure provides IP65 rating protection, which prevents dust and water from entering the units and degrading performance. The enclosure also has enough space for impact-absorbing or shock-resistant material (not included) which can help the reader to withstand physical shocks.

Superior Reading Range
Equipped with Empress series reader, Hussar Active Tag NT02, this directional antenna can pick up NT02's ID at 150m in open area. In actual implementation, it subjects to variation of physical and RF environment of surrounding.

Compatible Empress Readers
The Empress Reader inside is sold separately. The enclosure can be ordered together with readers listed below;

  • Empress Active RFID reader on POE (HKRAR-EMPOE)
  • Empress Active RFID reader on Serial Port (HKRAR-EMSP)
  • Empress Active RFID reader on Wifi (HKRAR-EMWF, wifi function will be lost due to enclosure, only RJ45/LAN port can be used.)

Existing User Upgrade
Previous buyers, who bought Empress Readers and want this enclosure upgrade, can easily DIY and install into the Empress reader into the enclosure using a screwdriver.

Easy Mounting
Conventional L-mounting and U-bracket gears are included.

Technical Specification:
Waterproof Enclosure with a 14dBi Directional Antenna
Frequency Range
Band Width (MHz)
Gain (dBi)
Beam Width E-Plane (degree)
Beam Width H-Plane (degree)
F/B (dB)
Linear Polarization
Max Power (W)
Impedance (ohm)
Weight (kg)
Dimensions (mm)
Radome Material
This enclosure is suitable for any outdoor stationary 2.4GHz active RFID data gathering applications such as;

  • Construction site
  • Mining site
  • Carpark
  • Fleet management
  • Tunnel data gathering
  • Metro transit applications.
  • Harbour Terminal


How EFDS works? Meter Recorder in Action!

What is EFDS?

Electronic fuel delivery system (EFDS) is an award* winning system that helps you to generate fuel efficiency reports that compares the operation time again fuel consumption for each construction vehicle or machine.  It is a system that combines and automates machine/fleet management together with flow meter recording.

Situation: In a medium size construction site, there are over 50-100 fuel-powered machines or vehicles, having their fuel tanks refilled with hundreds and thousands gallons of oil/diesel every day.


  • It is hard to measure how efficient each machine is. It is hard to obtain their total run time. It is hard to get the amount of fuel consumed too.
  • How could you determine the FUEL EFFICIENCY without all these data?
  • Sometimes, different contractors might work at the same site, using the same fuel refilling station/facilities. If you want to split the bill according to each vehicle and their operation time, you need a lot of paper work.

How EFDS works:

  • Install a ID Tag (transponder) on that machine, so now each machine now has an ID
  • Install a wireless Operation Timer (datal ogger) is connected to each machine's fuse box, the logger records the operation time
  • The flow meter in refilling station are connected to our ES-Box, which records the amount of oil refilled
  • The Mobile Handheld Reader identifies each machine by reading the ID Tag on them as they approach
  • These data can be consolidated and shown on a Mobile Handheld Reader and then print out by a printer immediately

A ID-Tag and Operation Timer are installed on a diesel generator (NISSHA NES220EM) control panel. ID-Tag and Operation Timer can be installed separately in different parts of the machine. Sometimes the fuse box and fuel injection opening of a machine are very far apart. But with our system this doesn't hinder us at all!


A ES-BOX (Embedded System Box) communicates with the flow meter register  (e.g. Veeder Root EMR series), the ES-Box works well with other flow meter register system with RS232/485 or any other kind of communication method.

A Mobile Handheld Reader can consolidate all the data from ES-BOX, Operation Timer and ID Tag to generate a list of machine/vehicle operation time and their fuel consumption record. These data can be shared through mobile network to construction site office or headquarter for record.  

A portable Bluetooth printer is very handy for printing a receipt for contractors or operators to keep record.

2012 Hong Kong Awards for Industries:
Machinery and Machine Tools Design Certificate of Merit
RFID-based Electronic Delivery Record System (EDRS)