Asset Tracking Management System (ATMS), leveraged in MTR

Have you ever thought of the SIMPLEST way to keep track of every component and spare part EFFECTIVELY and EFFICIENTLY?

You may ask...


Given that an increasing need of a large scale of asset tracking will magnify in the near future, we specifically designed an Asset Tracking Management System (ATMS), which is user-friendly, accurate and reliable for enterprise to manage their asset effectively, efficiently and economically without single human error!

This ATMS helps worker to record the check-in/check-out time for bulky spare parts to which unfriendly barcode labels are no longer useful. The Low-Power Active RFID tags runs on a coin batteries lasting for 3 years, and beacons every second to report their ID to the Empress system networks. A few readers can easily cover large workshop.

From an applied perspective, MTR thoroughly utilized ATMS to streamline the process of asset tracking with high operational efficiency.

We made these be the history:
X  Complicated procedure & red tape
X  Manually track asset 
X  Human Error
X  High installation cost

(*ATMS is empowered by EMPRESS 2.4Ghz RFID system)

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