Winner of the Grand Award and Gold Award of Hong Kong ICT Awards 2011’s Best Innovation and Research Award

Hong Kong RFID Ltd. is awarded the Gold Award of the category "Best Innovation and Research (Postgraduate & Open)" of the Hong Kong ICT Awards 2011 with our Interactive Floor Tile System after going through 5 rounds of assessment. With the System's outstanding performance, the panel of judges consisting of local ICT experts and professionals also awarded the Grand Award of the same category to us.

The Interactive Floor Tile System is the R&D outcome from Hong Kong RFID's excellent team of electronic and product development engineers. The System is a combination of innovative product design and skillful electronic design. The same system is used for the Hong Kong Exhibition of World Exposition 2010 Shanghai.

Demonstrated in the Urban Best Practices Area in the Hong Kong Exhibition, the Interactive Floor Tile System is able to trace movement of visitors by sensing changes in the electro field. Traditionally, this is achieved by weight detection, which is not possible in this case due to the heavy glass covering. To improve sensibility and reliability, electro field sensors have been used instead. Whenever a visitor passes by, the sensors detect the electro change and the corresponding tiles light up, leaving a lighted trail. The system also produces light effect with different rhythms, brightness, colors and patterns that can be preset to match different themes.

The technology employed in the Interactive Floor Tile System is applicable in other settings such as intelligent home systems and shopping malls. Hong Kong RFID’s research and development team will further explore different applications of it. We hope our success will inspire other technological firms.


Active Location System

Workplace safety and security is becoming more important nowadays for businesses and governments. Traditional approaches in access control may not be adequate for personnel management, as they can only restrict access at major entrances and record the entry and exit time. Staff and guests are lost track of after they enter the building. With the advanced active location system, the position of staff can be traced for real time decision-making and control. This surely facilitates personnel management in offices, hospitals, construction sites or exhibitions.

The system consists of readers, active tags and a software program. Once readers are installed at major entrances throughout the premises, the software program can show the location of staff who are carrying active tags. You can click into a zone and see the IDs and pictures of registered employees that are in it. They need not do anything more than bring their tags with them, given that the tags can be sensed through clothing, bags and even vehicles. The refresh time can be set to as frequent as 5 seconds, allowing you to know the whereabouts of individuals at all times.

In addition to the traditional functions of attendance tracking and access control, the active location system helps to track the utilization rate of facilities. In case of emergency, it ensures that everyone is safe and out of the hazardous zone. If integrated with the active asset tracking system, it can be guaranteed that only authorized persons are allowed to use certain equipment. 


Hong Kong RFID’s New Office Grand Opening

March 2011

The New Office Opening Ceremony  was held on the 4th of March to celebrate the growth of Hong Kong RFID. Since its establishment in 2004, Hong Kong RFID has expanded at an incredible speed. There was a need to move to a more spacious office to accommodate the increasing number of staff. We were honored to have Mrs. Agnes Mak, MH, JP, the Executive Director of Hong Kong Productivity Council, Mr E. Anthony Tan, the Chief Executive Officer of Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation and Dr. Eden Y Woon, JP, the Vice-President for Institutional Advancement of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology  to be our guests of honor to officiate this important occasion of our company.

The ceremony started with a welcoming speech from our founder and Business Development Director, Mr. Craig Jo. He thanked all the guests for coming to the ceremony and their support after describing the development path of Hong Kong RFID. He was followed by the first guest speaker, Mrs. Agnes Mak, who congratulated the vigorous development of our company. The second guest speaker, Mr. E. Anthony Tan, also addressed Hong Kong RFID’s rapid growth from an incubatee of Hong Kong Science and Technology Park’s Incu-Tech Programme. As the last guest speaker, Dr. Eden Y Woon praised the founders of our company as the role models for HKUST students.

With unanimous applause, the ribbon-cutting and toasting ceremony was conducted, followed by a string quartet performance from the band “Yanice and Friends”. After that came the sharing session of Mr. Mike S.H. Fung, the company’s founder and Operation Director, who shared Hong Kong RFID’ keys to success with the audience. The ceremony ended with blessings from the masters of ceremonies and cheers of the crowd. Guests were then invited to enjoy refreshments in the reception area or go on office tours.

Thanks to the immense support from guests and tremendous effort of our staff, the grand opening ceremony was held successfully. It signifies Hong Kong RFID’s continuous growth in prospect. 


Awarded the Caring Company of 2010/2011 by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service

March 2011

To inspire corporate social responsibility, the Hong Kong Council of Social Service has introduced the Caring Company Scheme. Under this scheme, our company is honored to be recognized as an organization with excellent corporate citizenship demonstrated in the following areas – caring for the community, the employee and the environment.

In the previous year, our company has been in close partnership with Christian Family Service Centre. Together we co-organized a flag selling day and sold vouchers, which raised more than HKD$800,000 for the community. We have also encouraged staff members to participate in fundraising events and community services launched by ORBIS, The Community Chest and Society for the Welfare of the Autistic Persons to support the underprivileged.

Hong Kong RFID sees every one of its employees as a valuable asset. To show concern for their work-life balance and well-being, we offer paid sick leave, annual leave and family leave. We have set up a caring group to regularly organize social gatherings to foster a stronger bond between our staff.

Furthermore, our company is committed in protecting the environment and sustainable development. 3R policies are adopted in the office to reduce waste. Sustainable seafood is selected for business banquet. Staffs are encouraged to take part in reducing carbon emission.

Corporate citizenship plays a fundamental role in our business operation. In the coming years, Hong Kong RFID will continue to invest resources in improving community life, employee’s welfare and environmental sustainability. Our target is to achieve the Caring Company Award for 5 consecutive years.