Russia TV "NTV" interviewed Hong Kong RFID Ltd.

Thanks to the referral from ITC and Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation, the operation director from Hong Kong RFID Ltd., Mr. Mike Fung, was honorably interviewed by a Russian TV crew “NTV” on May 6 at RFID Centre. NTV Russia is the largest TV-network in Russia. In the interview, Mr. Fung talked about his company, shared a lot of his R&D experience and also introduced many innovative applications of RFID technologies including jewelry management and Sushi Hygenic monitoring.
Jewelry Management

The Jewelry management system from Hong Kong RFID Ltd. offers an instant and efficient jewelry stock taking management and quotation procedure compared to traditional barcode system. As each tag carries a unique ID, the RFID reader detects a certain amounts of tags at one time and shows them in a software interface. Therefore you can easily know how many jewels there are.
Sushi Hygienic monitoring

Many Hong Kong people enjoy eating Japanese food Sushi. It is crucial for sushi to maintain its freshness. With RFID technology, a RFID tag would be stick on the bottom of a sushi dish and it would record the time for the sushi dish leaving the kitchen. As per the scheduled time of the sushi dish, the “over-time” sushi dished would be expelled from the conveyor belt, therefore customers enjoy the fresh sushi all the time. Besides, the waiter can sum up the bill by pressing a button on a handheld reader which is very convenient for the two parties.

There are more interesting topics shared by Mr. Fung. This interview was planned to be shown in a series on “Hi-Technology in Hong Kong.” For further details about the interview, please refer to the announcement of NTV.


Celebrate HK-RFID Fifth Year Anniversary

Congratulations to Hong Kong RFID Ltd. on its fifth anniversary!

Hong Kong RFID Ltd. has played an instrumental role in providing business sectors, government officials with new technology and professional analysis on the latest developments of RFID industry. Today, in the short period of 5 years, HKRFID has grown into the leading place in the RFID market.

Hong Kong RFID Ltd. is a leading RFID hardware developer which provides various system services according to customers' specific and unique requirements. Our product development team has strong R&D expertise specializing in providing innovative and customized RFID solutions. Services provided include system development, wireless system design, product ideas and design, etc. With strong technical support, Hong Kong RFID Ltd. is able to respond efficiently to changing unique needs of clients.

Best wishes for continued success of Hong Kong RFID Ltd. in the years to come!

EmpressTM 2.4GHz Active RFID Reader launched (P/N: HKRAR-EMWF)

  •  Automated system
  •  Long Range identification
  •  Cold Chain Management
  •  Access Control
  •  Asset Management
  •  Customer Relationship Management
  •  Locating and Tracking system
  •  Industrial Application
  •  Construction Site Management
Special Features:
  •  Wi-Fi network
  •  Peer to peer communication (Optional)
  •  Sensitive to Active RFID tag
  •  Long Range Identification
  •  Suitable for wide range applications
Hong Kong RFID is glad to offer the all new EMPRESSTM 2.4GHz Active RFID Reader, HKRAR-EMWF. This powerful reader can work independently, and is an ideal solution for long range identification. This reader has many advantages that you have never imagined.

Low installation cost

EMPRESSTM Reader is wireless and therefore is easy to install with low installation costs as it avoids cabling work. Since HKRAR-EMWF can operate with Wi-Fi connection, it saves the cost of mounting cable in the operation environment.

Fast implementation

As the reader can operate without cable, user can implement the whole RFID system in an efficient way. Once powered, the HKRAR-EM series is instantly connected and become part of the network. User can use less cable to run the whole operation system.

Diversified Applications

EMPRESSTM Reader is suitable for reading different Active tags and sensors. We provide different types of Active tag for different usages and applications. For example, HussarTM, a Small Active tag for attaching to people; GarrisonTM, a Rugged Active tag for industrial applications and TempcorderTM, a Temperature Active tag for cold chain management.

There are many benefits of EMPRESSTM Reader; users can customize the usage by developing their own software system.

Read more about our Active RFID System in the Solution Page.

For more information on our active products, please contact us at sales@hk-rfid.com.


A seminar for REDbird Award Program

The REDbird Award Program is a three-year holistic student development program that aims to foster the participants’ desirable attributes of respectful, energetic, diverse, bright, innovative, responsive, diligent and dependable through action-learning.

Hong Kong RFID Ltd. is glad to held a sharing session with these university students and discuss about the future development of RFID technology in the IT industry and consumer market.

Mr. Craig Jo, Business Development Director of Hong Kong RFID Ltd., shared his thoughts and experience of RFID technology’s development in the existing market and analyzed its impact on career development in the IT industry.

HKRFID is active in the RFID market and emphasize student fostering alot. We provide many job opportunities to local university students. Besides, we have close communication and collaboration with local universities.


Participated in BizIT MINI Expo 2010

“BizIT MINI EXOI 2010” is a joint conference organized by the ITAA ARPA to promote the wider use of IT in enterprises. Business elites are invited to share their knowledge, unique insights, and inspiring commercial enterprise strategic IT concepts and some new thinking.

Hong Kong RFID Ltd. has always been active in the IT industry and is more than happy to participat in this exhibition with our latest active RFID products and solution. Compared to passive RFID, active RFID have more powerful reading performance and will not be influenced by water and metal.

Active RFID tags contain batteries for more powerful signals but the size of tags will then become a constraint for different usages. Regarding this issue, we have launched the world’s smallest active tag. It can be used on people and is suitable for location tracking systems. Using this small tag, companies can have better customer relationship management (CRM) among the valuable customers. Such system is already in operation in the Hong Kong Convention Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) to manage the people flow in different exhibitions and shows.

Besides, Mr. Mike Fung, the Operation Manager of Hong Kong RFID Ltd. hosted a seminar session to introduce the RFID applications in the coming years. In fact, RFID technology is still developing and has great potential in the IT industry.

We believe that RFID can bring economic benefits and effectiveness to enterprises in their daily operation and management. By participating in this exhibition, we are able to explore different market needs. We are glad to share and introduce the latest technology developments of RFID.

Hong Kong RFID provides RFID Tags for UBPA, Shanghai World Expo

Shanghai World Expo opens in May 2010. Hong Kong RFID Ltd is glad to be the RFID tag provider for the UBPA in this event. “In fact, this project is not profitable for us, but we are glad to provide this solution for Hong Kong, our own city!” said by Mr. Craig Jo, the Business Development Director of Hong Kong RFID Ltd.

Hong Kong participated in the Shanghai World Expo and exhibits in both the Hong Kong Pavilion and the UBPA Pavilion. The Hong Kong Government wants to introduce the latest RFID technology and smart card applications in the UBPA Pavilion.

To activate a vertical display by using a RFID tag

RFID tags are embedded in the bracelet given to each visitor to the UBPA Pavilion. With this bracelet, visitors can obtain access to the Pavilion as well as triggering videos on vertical displays in the Pavilion. Furthermore, visitors’ entrance and exit record is reported daily. RFID enables efficient and effective management of Pavilion.

To monitor people flow with interactive floor tiles

There are also “Interactive Floor Tiles” in the UBPA Pavilion’s exhibition hall. The tiles itself contain a sensor and is installed under a layer of glass. Visitors can create different patterns according to their movements on the interactive floor tiles. In addition, this tile can be an index for determining the people flow in the exhibition hall.

Hong Kong RFID Ltd. put in a lot of effort and time in the implementation work of the UPBA project. “Once promised, even if we are losing money or working overtime, we still aimed at finishing our job!”

It is a mission to work for Hong Kong

“The company’s mission is the main reason for participating in this project,” Mr. Craig Jo specified. “It is my pleasure to represent Hong Kong and provide RFID solution in the UBPA pavilion. Although the project cannot make a profit for the company, the reputation and image of Hong Kong RFID Ltd. is enhanced by participating in the Shanghai World Expo.”

In the future, Hong Kong RFID Ltd. has confident to gain more opportunities like the UBPA Pavilion project.

Read more RFID at Shanghai Expo: http://mail01.edm.hkstp.org/intimate/templates/images/hkstp_connect/6/en_html/section2_community.html#2

HKUST Alumni Shine at Shanghai World Expo 2010