Smallest Active Tag Launched (HKRAT-NT1)

Sept 2009
A number of best-in-class retailers are using or are planning to use RFID to improve in-store asset-tracking efficiency or other management aspects such as supply chain management, inventory management and customer relationship management, etc.

HKRAT-NT1 is small in size, and is easy to carry around with its key fob design. It has great RFID performance but of low cost. This makes HKRAT-NT1 the best choice for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications. Apart from CRM, HKRAT-NT1 could be used in different applications such as long distance item identification, item locating and tracking, access control, automation system, personnel and vehicle management and much more.

HKRAT-NT1 Active Tag has the following features:
  • Compact Size, with keychain design
  • Battery replaceable
  • Dimension: 52mm x 33.24mm x 5.80mm
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

There are a number of ways that RFID could be used to reward and provide superior service to VIP customers. One method is customer identification. An example is in the banking industry. The customer would be issued an active RFID tag which would be detected by an active reader at the entrance when this customer reaches the reading zone of about 10m. The appropriate bank representative is immediately notified electronically, and could greet and assist the customer immediately upon his arrival.
Without prior notice or queuing up, staffs come to greet you by name and lavish you with attention when you walk into a bank or store. This would certainly enhance your sense of belonging and loyalty to that bank/store. This is a perfect solution for private clubs, nightclubs, golf courses and many other institutions where customers are valued assets.
Knowing your customers well would eventually lead to better customer services. The HKRAT-NT1 could be facilitated with system and database to retrieve customer information such as recent shopping records. Such information could be consolidated for investigation of customers’ shopping habits and act as reference and data for future product or service launch.
HKRAT-NT1 with its small size, stable and impressive performance along with our active readers comprises an excellent, extendable CRM system. For more information on our active products, please contact us at sales@hk-rfid.com.


New UHF BlinkPass Tray for Document Management Launched

Compared to cold computer display screens, a tangible record appears to be more solid, particularly for important materials such as literacy manuscripts, legal documents and medical records, which cannot be corrupted or lost. In order to manage paper documents and hardcopies in a systematical way efficiently, we launch our new UHF BlinkTray designed for file management.

Document/Item Management is needed when you realize you cannot make electronic copies for the following things:
  • Legal documents - contracts, true copies, hardcopies
  • Massive storage devices, optical disc, DVD, CD, magnetic tapes, etc.
  • Sample with texture or fabric
  • Large architectural drawing
  • Painting and masterpieces, sample with precise color print-proof
  • Folders, leaflets and books as thick as the Yellow Pages
  • Any small size items - keys, jewellery, artifacts, film, etc.

By applying an RFID tags on above items, they can be well management. RFID outperforms barcode for a several reasons. RFID tags can be read at much longer distances and the read rate is much faster. Read rate of forty or more tags per second is possible. However, reading barcodes is much more time-consuming especially when the items are not properly oriented to the reader. It may take a few seconds to read one barcode. Besides, barcodes have no read/write capability. You cannot add information on a printed barcode. RFID tags, however, could be read and written. RFIDs readers could communicate with the tag and alter the information on the tags. Furthermore, RFID tags are rugged and reusable.

The Smart Tray facilitates tracing and tracking of documents in circulation between departments in a company. It distinguishes document by examining the smart label attached to documents. User can review circulation history of hardcopies with just a click. Users could edit data stored on the smart tags, thus making it possible for flexible and up-to-date information storage. This document management system enables review of circulation history, searching and locating of documents with the search button on a web page.

Please contact us for more information on this BlinkTrace Document Management System.

Prefabricated Casting Factory Tour Visit in ShenZhen

HKRFID was invited to be the technical consultant in Tender Committee and Building Committee Tour Visit to a prefabricated casting factory in ShenZhen, China. The event was organized by the Housing Authority.

During the visit, the committee members are impressed by RFID technology and its usage in the construction industry. They also raised valuable comments and recommendations. The committee members witnessed the production of fa├žade and the process flow of tagging an RFID tag inside it. Two pre-finished casting were displayed to demonstrate the reading of the embedded tag ID using a mobile handheld device (HKRUR-5080).

In the coming years, RFID technology used in the construction industry will become more popular and common. HKRFID will keep developing new products in order to improve the whole construction component management process. Hong Kong RFID is also seeking business / technology partners for this RFID application.

Congratulate to the Business Development Director of Hong Kong RFID Ltd.

Mr. Craig Jo, Business Development Director of Hong Kong RFID Ltd. and also Vice Chairman of Young DAB has obtained the 3rd Youth Leadership Award of HARBOUR JUNIOR CHAMBER (HJC).

Craig has foreseen that Hong Kong would undergo a transformation in which science and technology and innovation is of more emphasis as early as 2004. He resolutely created his own information technology company – Hong Kong RFID Ltd.; and with his continued efforts and perseverance the company's performance is now flourishing with good reputation and strong technical capabilities. The company has won the trust of many famous enterprises in being their system supplier and is heading for an even brighter prospect.

Hong Kong RFID Ltd won the Hong Kong Awards for Industries in 2006, and the Hong Kong Information and Communications Technology Awards in 2007. Last year, Hong Kong RFID Ltd. has been chosen as a successful case of the Incu-Tech Programme by the HKSAR Government.

Last but not least, Mr. Craig Jo would like to take this chance to thank his referee, Mr. Horace Cheung in the ceremony. Mr. Cheung has given him the opportunity and platform to realize his ambitions.


HKRFID speaking in seminar - "RFID and Its Related Application" held by OGCIO

HKRFID participated in a seminar held by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) to discuss the role of RFID in such management methods in June. The theme of the seminar was “RFID and Its Related Application”. HKRFID was one of the speakers delivering a speech titled “Advanced Use of RFID for Management in 21st Century”.

In the 21st century, many advance management methods such as 6-sigma, lean, etc. are developed. They all require gathering of Real Time data for quality, performance or costing evaluation.

Representatives from more than 26 government departments attended the seminar. We introduced a few existing applications as well as some potential innovative applications. We shared one of our existing cases, Hardcopy Document Management which is suitable for the banking and finanace industry in our presentation. Our RFID enabled Hardcopy Document Management System allows users to link physical objects with an "e-document". Also, traceability of confidential or important documents is possible. The system helps to manage hardcopies in a much more efficient way.

We also have a comprehensive Construction Management System which is used by contractors of public housings. The whole construction process could be managed by RFID technology. Non-replaceable and genuine tags, useful information embedded, free from human errors in checking, and maintenance records readily available are some advantages of our Construction Management System.

Other potential applications include Fast Asset Checking System for Police or Fire fighting vehicles and Contractor Duty Record Management/Audit. Firemen have to check the availability of proper equipment when accidents occurrs. Active RFID devices are suitable for long reading distances and reading of large number of items. This type of RFID device helps to save time and prevent human errors. By using Active RFID technology, firemen could locate the needed equipment within seconds.

RFID provides the best method in monitoring the contractors’ duty, e.g. inspection, maintenance and time duration on site. For remote services, RFID provides cost calculation allowing accurate charging schemes based on consumption, amount and duration of service provided. One could keep monitoring the duty records of contractors in trees management, hygiene management, civil maintenance etc.


NEW product launched, Ultra-LONG Range High Frequency Reader (HKRHR-7028)

April, 2009

Hong Kong RFID is glad to offer an advanced High Frequency (HF) RFID Reader, HKRHR-7028. This smart reader can work independently, it is an ideal solution where multiple tags need to be read at one time in a long queue as found in such applications as reading jewellery tags, inventory management, document tracking, or books.

HKRHR-7028 is an ultra-long range HF Handheld Reader for multi-tag reading. It is designed for long range reading and heavy duty inventory reading, between 20cm to 30cm (credit card size tag). The powerful antenna on a light weight hand-held which only has 210g, and offer 13.56MHz ISO15693, ISO18000-3 protocol reading. It contains simple button with useful embedded functions such as counting, sorting, filtering & searching. It also supports Bluetooth and USB interface, which can work with notebook or PDA in order to provide more advanced functions such as writing or other applications.

HKRHR-7028 is best for document management such as library application, inventory management as well as jewellery management.

It can be used for library management application as a way to improve the management of important document files. It improves the tracking of books and documents so that the books can be more quickly located and the document workflow more easily tracked.

For example, each file/book is tagged with a label that contains a unique ID and human readable information. When the users use our reader to pass through the tags swiftly; this smart reader can show the tag information accurately in seconds. Also, it can read from RFID tags simultaneously even if items are in a stack.

RFID technology offers unique possibilities to the challenges facing the jewelry industry. Being capable of handling simultaneous multi-scan capabilities means jewellery will not be manually accounting for each item one by one. With HKRHR-7028 in place, jewellery can scan; detect batches of jewellery items all at once. It also implies the feasibility of running near real-time monitoring of jewelry goods everyday of the week, thereby heightening security throughout.

Besides, our reader can assist users to accurately manage supply levels, monitor expired products and track product usage. It is suitable for inventory tracking system, not only reduce inaccuracies of inventory but also simplify the inventory management process. It has a fast tag processing speed that can read many pieces of items at a time. Across the retail, medical and transportation industries, companies need insight to the location and current state of inventory at the item-level.


Incubation Programme Graduation Day Party

Recently, Hong Kong RFID Ltd. was honorably invited to be one of the attendants to the Incubation Programme Graduation Day Party which was a networking party for all incubates and graduates. The party was held at the Atrium of the Core Building inside the Hong Kong Science Park on March 27,2009 afternoon. Mr. Mike Fung, the project manager from Hong Kong RFID Ltd., would like to take the precious opportunity to deliver his deepest gratitude and appreciation to the incubation program for its continuous support especially the talent pool program to his company. The program is valuable for the company since it has been providing excellent candidates in their part time recruitment process and they have been contributing to the company a lot. Many of the part- time even turned into full time after the program.
The representatives of Hong Kong RFID Ltd. got the award from the HKSP

Mr. Craig Jo, the business development director and Mr. Mike Fung , the Project Manager came on stage to get the award

Mr. Mike Fung delivered a speech to HKSP


Water Tag

The whole new-branded UHF Water Tag modeled HKRST-W01 has come to the market! In the past, RFID tag was constrained by water content such as sweats from human body or melted water from frozen products. However, it is no longer a problem for water tag as it is readable when emerges in water. It provides up to 20cm reading range by using handheld reader even when it is soaked in water. It can also be made in any other waterproof encapsulation. Be kindly reminded that for diving or underwater situation, make sure your UHF reader is waterproof like the tag.

Smallest HF Tag "Nano"

Hong Kong RFID Center

Other than logistics and supply chain, other RFID applications have been gaining recognition. We will introduce two popular RFID solutions; jewellery and sushi RFID solution in this article. If you want to take a closer look on the real demo to see how they operate, you might want to go to RFID Centre located in Hong Kong Science Park.

Jewellery Solution
Currently, most of the jewelers track inventory on manual process which is very time consuming and requires handling of each jewelry item and is error-prone. However with RFID, an entire case of jewelry can be read in a matter of seconds with no need for lone-of site or handling of the jewelry item. This RFID jewelry system has been gaining acceptance by local jewelers and manufacturers. Since RFID inlay can be hidden, thus not impacting the merchandising of the high-end jewelry tags. The frequencies are usually either High Frequency (HF). Besides, High Frequency jewelry tag, with a thickness of 0.6mm, can eliminates the time of scanning individual items and increase the staff productivity by ten to fifteen times. It makes more easy and secure for the jewelry inventory management. This system can help speed up stock taking and check in/out. Also the jewelry tag can store the secret information such as pricing information. By this way, they can speed up the quotation time during the show.

Sushi Freshness
From the customer’s perspective, food freshness is the highest concern in raw food, especially sushi. Our RFID system can ensure food freshness and Sushi Bars are one of the example. By placing RFID tag at the bottom of the sushi plate, the “overtime” sushi would be taken out automatically from the conveyor belt in order to keep all the sushi fresh. With RFID tagged sushi dish, people can access product information by using RFID reader such as the place of origin, the source of supplier and manufacture date. Also, hygiene problem can be improved through better quality control by ensuring the freshness of sushi.

For front of the house, waiters can sum up the patron’s bills immediately by reading all the sushi dishes via RFID reader which can save time and avoid making calculation mistake. Also, the restaurant outlet can keep a better database by recording which dishes people are buying, at what time of day, how long they stayed on conveyor belt.

For back of the house, RFID brings better inventory management as well. For example, sales and net inventory per day are known. Besides, RFID brings many advantages in food safety. By using RFID, people can keep track of the food resource; ensure the security of food supply and the freshness of frozen food in cold chain. In addition, RFID can be applied in the Food Supply Chain Management. They can have better control over the source, storage, picking, packaging and logistics. With RFID tagged pallets and carton boxes, the goods in each container can be registered and the goods in transit between suppliers and overseas destinations could be monitored at all times.

Hong Kong RFID Centre (SCIC)
In fact, our RFID jewelry and sushi products were displayed and introduced in the Hong Kong RFID Centre. It was established in October 2008 and was co-hosted by the Innovation and Technology Commission of the HKSAR Government, Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) and GS1 Hong Kong, It is located on the first floor of Lakeside 1, Hong Kong Science Park (HKSP).The displays therefore highlight how the RFID technology has contributed to improving modern lifestyles encompassing logistics and library services etc. To know more about SCIC and to make appointment for visit, please go to the website 


TVB News interviewed the Hong Kong RFID Ltd

Recently, TVB News interviewed the Hong Kong RFID Ltd. and filmed our products in RFIDCenter on Mar 9, 2009. In the beginning of the program, the RFID application on sushi plate was introduced. The system was placing the RFID tag at the bottom of the sushi plate, and then the “overtime” sushi would be taken out automatically by robotic arm from the conveyor belt in order to keep all the sushi fresh. This can save a lot of time for traditional time-consuming manual stock-taking process. The system also helps the cuisine analyze the detail daily sushi consumption, minimize the waste and ensure a just-in-time sushi inventory management. In the interview, Mr. E. Anthony Tan, CEO of HKSTP, expressed his concern in how to help the local hi-tech companies to overcome this hard time. 

Hong Kong RFID Ltd is gaining reputation and recognition and we would like to deliver our appreciation towards the Hong Kong Science Park for their continual and unlimited assistance. 


A Speech of RFID Application for Jewellery Industry & Food Safety

Feb 2009

Hong Kong RFID (HKRFID) has been active in the developing innovative RFID application. In order to promote the technological innovations and wide adoption of RFID technologies, in February 2009; HKRFID participated a speech in the Exchange @ Science Park for Technology Community. The theme of the workshop is Technology Collaboration on Emerging RFID Technologies and Applications. HKRFID was responsible to present the RFID Application for Jewellery Industry & Food Safety.

In Jewellery industry, one of the successful examples is the RFID jewellery management system (JMS), Xapphire. This RFID-enabled JMS is proven to be a powerful tool for wholesaling, inventory checking and internal logistics operations.

This system is especially useful in the global jewellery tradeshow. Normally, the jewellery exhibitor attend exhibition every month. They will bring 6000 to 10000 jewelries to the show. It requires many check in/out and stock taking issues. The real problems faced by Jewellery maker such as barcode is too slow, frequent checking stock in daily operation and no real time stock information.

Xapphire RFID system has gained wide acceptance by local jewelers and manufacturers. This system can help them to speed up stock taking and check in/out. Also the jewellery tag can store the secret information such as pricing information. By this way, they can speed up the quotation time during the show.

On the other hand, RFID brings many advantages in food safety. By using RFID, people can keep track of the food resource; ensure the security of food supply and the freshness of frozen food in cold chain.

RFID can be applied in the Food Supply Chain Management. They can have better control over the source, storage, picking, packaging and logistics. With RFID tagged pallets and carton boxes, the goods in each container can be registered and the goods in transit between suppliers and overseas destinations could be monitored at all times.

With RFID, people can find the advantages of traceability, the benefits are as follow:
- Quality control and product recall
- Control of logistical flows
- Commercial advantage and brand awareness
- Consumer awareness
- Accountability/reduced liability
- Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements

In retail applications, sushi bars can be an example. With RFID tagged sushi dish, people can access product information by using RFID reader such as the place of origin, the source of supplier and manufacture date. Also, they can have better quality control such as better time management on food in order to improve hygiene problem. It brings better inventory management as well. For example, sales and net inventory per day are known.

In coming years, after the successful sushi bar system to ensure the freshness of sushi, HKRFID starts developing active RFID system for cross border food chain monitoring and control. Hong Kong RFID is seeking business / technology partners for these potential RFID applications.


New 2.4GHz RFID Active Locator / Reader launched (Wireless Version)

Excellent Performance for Different Applications
Passive RFID (battery-less) is very popular in logistics for its low cost, however, it is subjective to too many contraints such as liquid and metal environment. Usually passive RFID system requires careful trial testing and tuning, in situations where items are more valuable that you cannot afford missing; and the items maybe not so RF friendly (liquid and metal); plus you want to have a more automated and flexible system; then an Active RFID system should be considered. 

The latest Active RFID system, HKRAR-LX series, consists of a 2.4GHz reader and different types of transponders which actively transmit signals. It have excellent anti-collision ability which scans 80-100 tags per second. Without connecting to network, it can store up to 800 tags information before network is back. The HKRAR-LX series have ability of high speed identification, tracking objects which are moving at speed up to 200km/h. Even the objects are heavy metallic or liquid, the powered RFID tag can transmit the ID back to system effectively. The battery life of tag can run 5-10 years depends on RF settings and models.

High Reliability

Comparing with typical passive RFID systems, HKRAR-LX series have high anti-jamming function in difficult environment where non-friendly RF material is present.
New Wireless Version
The HKRAR-LXRX can work as a Mobile Reader or Data Collector. Now, the reader only requires a power supply from a power adaptor or a portable battery. Through IEEE 802.11b/g, the reader gathers the tag information and transmit to the wireless router, which is a common network infrastructure in many buildings. Once powered, HKRAR-LXRX is instantly connected and become part of the system.

High Flexibility

Without the troubles of the wired network installation, HKRAR-LXRX provides a larger flexibility in designing the data collector locations. In cases such as exhibitions, the booths and area are subjected to change in each events. HKRAR-LXRX can be easily relocated according to all specific situations.
HKRAT-ST1 - 2.4GHz RFID Active Tag
The HKRAT-ST1 tag is using 2.4GHz ISM standard. It provides omni-directional and unidirectional identifications. Each active tag has a LED indicator and a trigger button behind for performing searching function and alert function respectively.
Durable for Different Applications
The HKRAT-ST1 is suitable for outdoor applications as it has IP65 of waterproof. It also applies in a wide range of temperature and vibration suituation.

Less Readers Mean Lower Cost
The HKRAT-ST1 is designed to be low cost by using specially techniques on circuit integration. This integration allows HKRAT-ST1 to perform long distance up to 100 meters. This active system usually outperforms any passive RFID systems in saving cost by reducing the number of readers and installation cost on the same coverage.

Application Examples:

  • Long Distance Identification
  • Locating & tracking
  • Automation System
  • Asset identification
  • Vehicle Management
  • Access Control
  • Warehouse Management


Case Sharing on 2.4GHz RFID Active Series (HKRAR- LXRX) - Case 1

Active Smartcard System for a Golf Clubhouse

January, 2009

LX series active RFID smartcard system has been implemented in a golf Clubhouse for access control. The golf clubhouse emphasises a prestige quality service to every guest in the clubhouse. They want to let every member feels that they are all recognised by all personnels in the clubhouse and to get access to their VIP memeber facilities smoothly by just walking in. Now, the advance membership tag can be in form of key chain, unlike the traditional access card, the tag provides a much longer sensing area for doors and gates, so that all personnels can immediately be notified for the arrival of the VIP guest in advance. The guests have a warmly feeling in clubhouse, thanks to the automatic recognition system in all facilities, and they do not need take out and show old fashion membership card or "beep" the card on reader.

The active smartcard membership provides following special features in the clubhouse;

i) Automatic Door Control:
The Clubhouse installs active reader to control the automatic door. They give the active tags to the VIPs or specific clients. Once the readers recognize the active tag in pocket or handbag, the door will be opened and allow entrant without the trouble of taking out any access cards. It can avoid a person who has no permit for admittance or entry.

ii) Real Time CRM, Customised Service by Automatic Recognition:
As the reader is connected to a database, once the reader induces the active tag, the customer profile, history, preferences and personal information can be shown to the staff. Then they can recognize the clients and provide a better service with more useful information.

When VIPs enter with the active tag, the LED monitor can display some relevant information which may interest the customers. For example, the VIP status, special offers, etc. Also, it can greet the clients and show update information which may useful to them.

iii) Better Security

Active Smartcard system can be easily integrated with client's security infrastructure to ensure a safer environment. For example, when the door will not be opened if it is not in certain time slot, even the client has a valid active tag; the door will be locked according to the setting. It sets a time limited in order to have better flow control. The active reader also records the sign in and out conditions. It can record down who was entered to the room. The record may be useable for other security issues.

Case Sharing on 2.4 GHz RFID Active Series (HKRAR- LXRX) - Case 2

Asset management - Active System in Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Department of Electrical Engineering)

June, 2008

Department of Electrical Engineering (EE) is the expertise in Power and Energy Systems, Power Electronics, Machines Drives, Electric Transportation, Environmental and Energy Saving Systems, Fiber Optics, Computer Control and Automation, and Electrical Building Services.

In the laboratory, students will use the device for experiment. EE put the active tag (HKRAR-ST1) to the devices and install the active readers HKRAR-LXRX in the detecting zone for the following purposes.

i) Anti-theft:
The Electrical Engineering Department installs 2 to 3 readers in the detecting zone and has a full coverage in the area. Once the device is left from the zone, the alarm system will be activated.

ii) Inventory management:
The reader can keep tracking the number of devices. It can make sure that the sets of equipment are complete with nothing missing.

iii) Status tracking:
Active reader can recognize whether the device is being used or not. The central system can know the situation of device and how many sets are being used by the students.

Case Sharing on 2.4 GHz RFID Active Series (HKRAR- LXRX) - Case 3

Asset management - Using Wireless Active RFID System in Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Department of Building Service Engineering)

December, 2008

Building Services Engineering (BSE) in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University has an enviable reputation for leading edge research. They combine academic excellence with an innovative attitude that responds to community needs and enables them to quickly put together multidisciplinary teams to meet the changing demands of the profession and society at large.

BSE is conducting a research of people flow in shopping mall. We assist them to simulate the operation with RFID equipments. Our active reader HKRAR-LX-RXWF can work as a mobile device. In this case, BSE built 4 detecting zones in the campus. They put one reader in each detecting zone; this locator can show the movement of student during recess time.

This system helps them to analysis the movement preference of students. By using this wireless active system, the installation is more convenience and easier. The system can work under Wi-Fi; the installation becomes flexible and makes the experiment more effective.

The operation of wireless active system is similar to visitor tracking in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC). The wireless active system work as data absorption agent and perform data gathering.

The new wireless active system brought an advantage in the installation process. It has great flexibility and conduct a more comprehensive experiment.