Arthome, a pottery studio makes use of mobile-marketing (NFC/QR) in their masterpiece gallery

Whether it is a Tai-Chi style hidden in the vase or 12 abalones on the clock, each art piece has a fascinating story to tell! 

Hong Kong creative pottery artist, Mr. Alan Lai, has combined his sense of art with the latest smartphone technology to link up their friends and tell stories. By making use of NFC/QR code, smartphone users can enjoy the videos delivered from artists, exchange the concepts on facebook. 

It is just like the creator walks along with you and explain about his creation one by one. Teachers and classmates are now tightly bonded together on facebook, thanks to the Smart Poster that link to class schedule and Fan page of Arthome. 

In this business case, there are 4 types of links. After tapping of each of those, the visitor will be directed to

  • product pages showing size, names, and creator
  • youtube video describing the details and the creation process
  • Arthome fan page on facebook (on poster)
  • Class schedule, announced on facebook (on poster) 

NFC-shop.net: www.nfc-shop.net
ARTHOME: www.arthome.hk
HK RFID: www.hk-rfid.com 


General Enquiries: info@hk-rfid.com
Sales Enquiries: sales@hk-rfid.com