Case study - Trolley management in thailand airport trial using Garrison Tag

In 2014 Oct, an airport in Thailand has completed an trial using Empress 2.4Ghz Active RFID system on their Trolley management. Empress POE readers, Garrison  Rugged Tag (RT02) and Responsive Tag (ZT02) were used.

These tags (transponders) emits very low power 2.4GHz signal that contains an item ID and battery status, every 3 seconds. The readers installed around airport area and car park can pick up the signal, and alert the operators to get the trolley back. The reading range is 50-80m indoor and more than 120m in open outdoor area. 

Garrison Tag (RT02) is the simplest but rugged form factor, with a very predictable battery life for preventive maintenance. Responsive Tag (ZT02) provides extra features such as LED blinking and release-trigger (trigger when someone trying to pick up the transponder). Both models are battery replaceable, running on a CR2450 lithium coin.

The stationary readers are a integrated-design (antenna and reader in a water-proof enclosure), communicates and get power on single ether-net cable (POE). This reader just keep listening to signal 24-7 and report to server on the tag-IDs, battery status, the RSSI (a signal strength value) and their own device address to the server. Handheld Readers are also used for operators in support centre for associating tag-to-trolley and maintenance purpose.

This simple ultra-low power 2.4GHz tracking system uses proprietary protocol, which is free from WIFI or Bluetooth jamming and attack. 

The whole backend system for trial is built by a Thailand partner who can build the system from zero to complete within 2 weeks. The trial was a great success.