Asset Management Case study

Asset Management Case study
Active RFID technology Application

Asset tracking is always a headache for management. The installation of a comprehensive tracking system is costly and complicated to operate. Now, with the application of the active RFID technology, the problem can be totally tackled. Active RFID tags can be adopted in asset management to improve asset utilization and tracking.

The Operation of Active RFID System
With active RFID tag’s small size, user-friendly design and robust cover, it can be attached on almost all valuable assets:
l   Computers,
l   Confidential files,
l   Medical devices and so on
Active RFID tags have a powerful reading coverage and can be adopted in different situations, even in some harsh environment such as construction sites.

Using an active reader, the tag ID of tags attached to different assets can be detected and then shown on the monitor. The reader’s reading distance or detection coverage can be adjusted according to users’ application requirements. Setting a longer range allows identification of more assets but less accurate locating of a specific item. With a shorter reading distance, the reader is capable of locating a rough location of a certain asset. Tag ID can also be associated with related information stored in the database. This makes retrieval of information for each assets item easier.
Stronger Asset Tracking Ability
With the application of active RFID tags, company can develop  a powerful and comprehensive tracking system for valuable assets. The traditional way of tracking assets is to ask users to fill in record forms or conduct manual inspection. However, errors may be made in the manual process. To have a timely and accurate tracking record of assets, active RFID technology provides the perfect solution.

Benefits of Active RFID Technology in Asset Management:
-       More powerful, excellent reading range
-       Reducing manual errors
-       Reducing cost and time
-       Improving asset utilization
Speeding up the process of reporting asset defect and location 

Case Study- Automated Attendance Monitoring System

Active RFID Solution for office management
Case Study- Automated Attendance Monitoring System

Hong Kong RFID Ltd. developed an automated attendance monitoring system with our active products, providing ease, efficiency and accuracy in recording employees’ attendance.

Active RFID Automated Attendance Monitoring System tracks employees’ in/out record accurately and automatically, thus generating a wide range of benefits as follows.

-Streamlines sign in or out process for staff
-Better planning and management of human resources
-Advance location & tracking system   

Active time and attendance system
Active RFID tags are used as employee cards and are given to each employee. Each employee’s information is also linked with the tag ID for easier retrieval of related information. 

Whenever employees carrying their tag pass through the office entrance, readers detect the tags and immediately send the tag ID to the server. Entry or exit of a particular employee is recorded and can be retrieved for later human resources management usages. The whole recording process is automatic and thus convenient for both employees and operators.

By implementing active RFID technology, no longer do employees need to sign in or out manually. Human errors, unnecessary disputes, and tedious paper recording and data entry work can all be avoid, providing efficiency in overall operation of the company.

Monthly report for Human Resource Management
The system is capable of generating monthly reports for every employee, showing records such as total working hours time, number of day-offs, and hourly/monthly salary of the employees. Such reports provide data and statistics for further analysis in respect of human resource planning and management.

Features of the active time attendance system:
l   Tracks employees’ in/out record
When passing through the entrance, time of entry or exit of particular employees is recorded as soon as the RFID tags are detected. 
l   Multiple tag reading simultaneously
Readers can detect around 100 tags at a time.

l   Varying reading distance
Reading range of the active system can be adjusted from several meters radius for short range reading to up to 50 meters radius for long range reading. Adjustable reading range of the system provides flexibility in difference applications.


Our Selective Client list

1.          Commerce and Economic Development Bureau, the Government of HKSAR
2.          Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway Corporation (MTR Corp.)
3.          Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC)
4.          Hong Kong International Terminals (HIT)
5.          Ocean Park Corporation (Hong Kong)
6.          Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (HSBC)
7.          New World First Bus Services Limited (NWFB)
8.          Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Co., Ltd
9.          Gammon Construction Limited
10.      Sino Land Company Limited

Partnership Scheme

Hong Kong RFID Ltd. provides a scheme for companies, both local and foreign to join the industry as a partner of ours. The partnership scheme provides them an opportunity to explore RFID technology as well as cultivating new markets in their own region.

- Partners are critical to delivering solution to customers.
- Partners gain access to material and support for sales and marketing success.
-Partners gain expertise and support to integrate and deploy HK-RFID solutions.


Active RFID for Access Control Solutions

Access Control in Luxury Residential Area
Case Study

Hong Kong RFID Ltd. has recently worked on a project to implement our active RFID access control system in a luxury residential area in Hong Kong.

Active RFID tags are given to residents as their resident card. Residents’ information such as name and address is stored in the card for identification and security purposes.

RFID readers and antennas are installed at entrances or any facilities in the residential area, allowing limited access of buildings and uses of facilities to only  authorized residents with the corresponding tags. Just one active RFID tag is capable of facilitating all the access control applications within the residential area. The active system offers not only efficiency, but also higher level of security..

Active RFID access control system is applied in a wide range of areas around the residential area.

Lobby – Hands-free Access
Readers and antennas are installed at the entrance. Doors will automatically unlock themselves to permit entry of residents carrying authorized active RFID tags when they approach their corresponding block. The RFID tag can be used alongside with other forms of authentication methods such as passwords and electronic cards. Besides, entry and exit history is recorded at the management office at lobby.
Mailbox – Automatically unlock
Corresponding mailboxes of the residents are automatically opened when they approach the mailbox area. Residents no longer need to carry keys to unlock the mailbox as long as they carry the active RFID tag. Respective mailboxes will only open upon reading of the corresponding authorized active RFID tag by the active RFID reader installed at the mailbox area. This provides convenience for residents and at the same time, privacy and security is maintained.

Lift – High Security
Antennas and readers are installed in the lift lobby for reading of active RFID tags carried by the residents when approaching the lift. To improve security of the building, only lift buttons of specific floors such as corresponding address of the residents and some clubhouses can be pressed by residents. Any unauthorized floors access is prevented.


Readers and antennas are installed at different areas inside the clubhouse. Apart from access to the clubhouse building and different facilities, information of residents such as booking history is shown at any service desk in the clubhouse. All purchase record such as food & beverage, facilities booking can be chased base on the Tag ID, and monthly payment notice will be issued to the user accordingly.  This provides ease for residential and recreation management inside the clubhouse.

l   Enhanced security through limiting access to authorized residents only
l   Improved customer satisfaction with automated services
l   Increased access control visibility for management
l   Accurate in-out records of residents

Automation of active system

Automation in various service aspects in the residential area provides efficiency and convenience to residents in their daily lives. Residents no longer need to remember passwords nor bring lots of keys or electronic residential cards. Hands free access is allowed with the active RFID tag. Together with accessories like key chain or badge, users can attach the tag to their bags or just hang the tag on themselves easily.  Access control can be done easily and timely with active RFID tags and readers. 

UHF RFID 4-channel Long Range Reader (Model: HKRUR-3082)

With improvements on the first generation of UHF stationary readers, we now gladly launch our advanced UHF RFID 4-channel long range reader - HKRUR-3082.

HKRUR-3082 has four antenna ports allowing tag reading in all directions to provide better coverage in all operation environments. Reading range of the reader is up to 12m with high performance UHF tags.

The reader is compatible for reading different tags worldwide. Awarded with EPC Global’s Gen 2 hardware certification, interoperability marks and certified for Dense Reader Mode operation, It is designed to address complexities of international businesses.It has anti-collision algorithm, supporting multi-tag identification performance at the same time. Besides, the reader performs single tag read, tag write, lock and kill tag functions fast and accurately.

The reader supports TCP/IP interface, providing easy access to computer for showing tag information. Used with different protocols, plus its fast reading and separate type design, the reader provides perfect solutions for a wide range of applications.

Warehouse management
HKRUR-3082 provides your warehouse system with enhanced operational ability and efficiency. When installed at any entrance of warehouse, the reader reads all information in tags passing through with a high speed and covering a large area. Operators can connect the reader to a computer with ease and retrieve entry and exit history of all inventories conveniently. This reduces inventory errors ensuring accurate information of items and quantities in and out of the warehouse at any given time; eventually improving the accuracy of operators’ forecast of demand and control over inventory. The reader provides the most cost effective solutions to manage your warehouse.

HKRUR-3082 has the following features.
l   Cost effective
l   Fast reading speed
l   Multi-tag identification

Applications of HKRUR-3082 include:
l   Access control
l   Transportation management
l   Automation System
l   Stock management
l   Asset Tracking
l   Security

The product is now available.

All-in-one UHF Long Range Reader 308X Series (Model: HKRUR-308X)

Jun, 2011

Hong Kong RFID proudly introduces our all-in-one UHF long range reader series (model: HKRUR-308X). The series now has two models of UHF readers - HKRUR-3081 and HKRUR-3083. The reader series provides excellent solutions for a wide range of applications including supply chain management, access control and warehouse management.

Readers in the HKRUR-308X series contain antenna and reader in the same configuration. Together with user-friendly API, all readers in the series are easy to install and operate. Besides, the readers support RS232/RS485 Wiegand26/34 interfaces. Wi-Fi can also be used to save installation costs.

Performing at high speed with an average reading time of 6ms per character, the readers provide efficient operational processes. They can be used for reading and writing of tags as well.

All readers support EPC Gen2 (ISO 18000-6C) and ISO18000-6B standards, which are international standards for RFID products, providing opportunities for worldwide business development. The product is also granted FCC and CE certification.
Car park and tolling management system
Small RFID tags are attached to windshield of vehicles with parking permit and HKRUR-3081 or HKRUR-3083 is installed at the parking gates. Whenever vehicles are approaching parking lots, within a second, the UHF readers detect the tag from a pre-determined distance and gates are opened automatically for entry or exit of the vehicles. There is no longer need for drivers to stop at the gates to search for the access card. This provides prompt, automatic and convenient parking processes of vehicles.

Besides, entry and exit of the vehicles can be recorded to enable automatic management of parking fees and car park security. The system is also suitable for a variety of areas such as clubhouse, campus, hospital and also commercial offices.

A simple RFID system with HKRUR-308X series helps save time for any access control processes, enhancing great enterprise efficiency.

Applications include:
l   Supply chain management
l   Warehouse management
l   Inventory management
l   Access management
l   Logistics

HKRUR-3081 Product features:
l   Long reading range
l   Antenna with linear polarization
l   Dimension: 440mm x 440mm x 50mm
l   Reads more than 60 tags per second
l   Cost effective

HKRUR-3083 Product features:
l   Medium reading range
l   Antenna with circular polarization
l   Dimension: 240mm x 240mm x 30mm
l   Reads more than 60 tags per second
l   Cost effective

The reader series is now available.

Bluetooth UHF RFID Reader and Writer (Model: HKRUR-DR01)

Jun, 2011

Hong Kong RFID gladly announces the launch of a new Bluetooth UHF RFID reader and writer (P/N: HKRUR-DR01). The reader supports Bluetooth 2.0 communication which connects to any host like PDAs, computers and even smart phones; allowing users to read UHF tag information with their own devices.HKRUR-DR01 consists of a 90° swivel antenna and built in UHF RFID module. The reader is lightweight and small in size. With accessories like neck strap and belt clip, the reader is easy to carry around for operations that require more mobility.

HKRUR-DR01 caters for simultaneous multiple UHF tag reading. With high-speed and accurate reading, plus its compact design, the reader offers the greatest performance for on-site asset management applications, maximizing users’ work efficiency. The reader is used for a wide variety of applications such as asset tracking, distribution network monitoring and management.

The following are some of the real life applications of HKRUR-DR01:

Stock management
The reader is capable for reading and checking tag information at the same time. At point-of-sale, information of products including stock and size is read through the reader and any Bluetooth device. Staff then can explain to customers immediately, facilitating fast response to customer enquiries.

Information of tags is stored in memory of the reader at sites during the reading process, and is shown in users’ own device when connected by Bluetooth communication later on anytime anywhere. At any data centre storing sensitive information where communication devices are not allowed, this feature of the reader allows separation of people handling the reading and the checking processes, so that only authorized persons can have access to the information.

24/7 Warehouse management
Extended battery life is a new feature in mobile readers allowing long working hours of the reader to cater for 24/7 operation environment. The reader can be used with different devices, which enables the use of alternative devices when existing device is out of battery.

HKRUR-DR01 has the following features:
l   High speed reading
l   Long distance multiple tag reading
l   Rechargeable battery
l   Compact size with 170g of weight
l   Dimension: 148mm x 51mm x 30mm
l   Can read and check at the same
l   Built in memory
l   Cost effective

The product is available from June, 2011.

RFID Document System

Document management is crucial for any organization. It helps to reserve knowledge and experience of the company and facilitates the development and growth of the company.  Files or documents should be carefully handled and stored, particularly true for the professional sectors including legal, health care and financial industry.

HK-RFID launched a High Frequency (HF) document management system using NXP i-code ICs to offer an efficient way to trace and locate circulated documents in an office setting. The main feature of the system is its superb anti-collision performance in overlapping and highly crowded tag conditions. The documents could be found even if it is buried in a pile of documents. Besides, it offers 20% higher read range compared to previous IC model. With longer reading distance, the document can be more effectively located. What’s more, the label can retain data for up to 50 years!
l   Search and locate documents
l   Review circulation history of documents
l   Track document status
l   Edit data in smart label
l   Monitor document transfers
l   Register new documents
l   Inventory auditing

Key benefits
1) Security
Sensitive and important documents such as financial records, health records and legal documents are all highly confidential and can be circulated internally only. As this system can record the check in and checkout time of documents, you can find out who was the last person to have possession of the documents, the actual location of document as well as the date and time when the document is taken away.

2) Economic
Another benefit of the system is cost and time saving. The system not only can minimize the level of redundancy through allocating, redoing or rewriting of a document, but also the potential risk of document misplace or lost during handling. It can also speed up retrieval of documents and identification of locations.

3) Flexibility
RFID document management is the best system of choice. Extra implementation of hardware such as handheld reader, auto check-in and out stations and many others can be conducted easily for system extension and upgrade. Additional tags can also be purchased to extend to site offices and other branches.