Participating in RFID World Asia (Cards Asia) 2010 in Singapore!

The 7th annual RFID World Asia was held in SUNTEC Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre from 21 to 23 April 2010. Hong Kong RFID Ltd. was participating in RFID World Asia and showing both Passive and Active RIFD solutions in the exhibition.

Providing your client the most unforgettable experience with one RFID membership card; turning an ordinary home into an automated future home with just a few RFID device; tracking valuable items such as electronic device for the company whenever and wherever; returning home or entering the company with not a key but a RFID tag, and much more; all these could be found at Hong Kong RFID Ltd’s booth.

Hong Kong RFID’s Active products are compact in size, stylish in design and of high performance in terms of functionality, durability and flexibility. We have the world’s smallest active tag, which have different add-on functions for accommodating your unique project needs. The active readers we have are not as bulky and with annoying wires compared with traditional ones. Hong Kong RFID’s Active series are the essential components to your one-of-a-kind and innovative system.

The exhibition was a success and a great chance for us to introduce the RFID system with Active RFID equipments. For example, corrosion sensing, location system, construction safety, etc. Follow-up work for the inquiries we got from the exhibition has already begun and we look forward to the fruitful results.