Flag Selling Day 2010

Hong Kong RFID Ltd. advocates the notion that we should not only take from the society but also contribute to the society. Therefore we have set up our own “Caring Group” in 2009. The aim of this group is to organize and promote various voluntary work activities and social activities as well as improve the office’s caring environment. Fun and meaningful activities like Moonwalker organized by Orbis, Dress Special Day organized by Community Chest and company boat trip were organized by the group since its establishment and all staff is eager to participate in each and every activity.

On July 24, a team of volunteers from Hong Kong RFID Ltd. participated in a flag selling activity at Shatin for the Christian Family Service Center, a non-governmental organization dedicated to provide services for targets in all ages. Although it was a hot sunny day, our staff was wearing a happy smile on their faces to sell the flags. The event was successful and we were able to raise money for the development and operation of the centre.

This is a rewarding experience for both the company and our staff. We would keep participating in various kinds of charity projects in the future!

For more information, please click: http://www.cfsc.org.hk/b5_partnership.php