GarrisonTM Responsive 2.4 GHz Active RFID Tag

HK-RFID gladly adds another member to the active RFID tag series: GarrisonTM Responsive 2.4GHz active RFID tag - HKRAT-ZT02. LED light and tamperproof sensor is added on this tag. With its long reading range and great reliability, more complex and interactive applications in asset tracking, warehouse management, logistic and supply chain management are available. 

GarrisonTM Responsive
2.4 GHz Active Tag 
LED Light
Tamperproof Sensor

Features Highlight

1.      LED Light
A LED light is added to HKRAT-ZT02. Using a RFID reader (either handheld or fixed), operator can call a specific tag to light up the LED on it. This unique feature allows operators to locate a particular asset item from many items that look alike or exactly the same much easier and faster.

2.      Tamperproof Sensor
Tamperproof sensor is another add-on feature which is especially suitable for security-focused applications. This sensor will be triggered if someone wants to remove the tag from the attached asset without permission.

3.      Long Reading Distance
Long and adjustable reading distance to facilitate more flexibility yet stable performance in different applications could be implemented using our Empress series of active RFID readers and this GarrisonTM Responsive 2.4 GHz Active tag HKRAT-ZT02..Depending on the reader used, its reading range can be maximized to 50 meters. Operators are no longer restricted by the short reading distance of passive RFID products.

HKRAT-ZT02 has the following features:

  • Replaceable battery
  • Convenient Mounting design
  • Stable performance
  • Durable with special plastic
  • LED light for easier recognition of assets
  • Tamperproof sensor for security applications 
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GarrisonTM 2.4GHz Rugged Active RFID Tag

Your best choice in accommodating extreme environment!!

To better accommodate active RFID application in rugged environment, HK-RFID now introduce a special tag GarrisonTM 2.4GHz Rugged Active RFID Tag, HKRAT-RT02 which is suitable to be applied in extreme environment such as construction sites and underground tunnels. Its robust design will definitely bring much convenience and flexibility for active RFID industrial applications!

Highlight Features of HKRAT-RT02

1. Robust Design
HKRAT-RT02 is water-proof, dust proof and shock proof. The tag has a IP standard of IP65. Its robust design allows HKRAT-RT02 to overcome the limitation applying RFID tags in harsh working environments.

2. Excellent Reading Range
The reading range of HKRAT-RT02 ranges from 5m to 50m when used with our Empress reader series.. Long reading distance is especially useful in extreme environments as operators might not be able to reach the tag location easily.

3. Long lasting and Durable
The battery for HKRAT-RT02 is replaceable and can be last for around 3 years. With its convenient mounting design, it can be fixed on different surface without much additional effort. In addition, the encapsulation of the tag is made from special plastic which made it even more 

Industrial Applications

  •  Heavy duty, Harsh Environment
    • E.g. Construction site
  • Long Distance Identification
  •  Locating & Tacking
  • Automation System
  •  Waterproof, dustproof and shock proof
  •  Ultra durable and robust
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Tempcorder (HKRAT-TT02X) with External Probe

(Model: HKRAT-TT02X)

HK-RFID happily announces the addition of a new member to our 2.4GHz active RFID tag series - Tempcorder (model: HKRAT-TT02X). With its external probe feature, more flexibility is available to facilitate more creative usage of active RFID technology in temperature monitoring applications.



Tempcorder TT02X can perform stably around metal, liquid and other RF unfriendly environment. With the external temperature probe, wider temperature data could be collected while RF transmission is not affected as the small and slim probe with temperature sensor can reach deep inside a metallic or water-filled box but the active RFID tag can remain uncovered by the metal or water content.

Tempcorder TT02X has the following features:
Waterproof, dust proof, shock proof, IP68
  • External probe (length 50cm)
  • Replaceable battery, long battery life
  • Convenient mounting design
  • Stable performance
  • Durable with special plastic encapsulation
  • Wireless temperature sensor
  •  Accurate digital temperature sensing probe
  •  Probe temperature range (-20oC – 120oC)
  • Operating temperature range (-20oC-70oC)

Thermocouple with customized mounting options is now also available per volume order request. Each system can use one type of sensor only. 

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Passive RFID System for Building Service, for Hong Kong Housing Authority

Hong Kong RFID successfully helped Housing Authority on installing over 30000pcs of RFID tags in all public estates for Hong Kong Housing Authority. The project was aimed to monitor the assets and to smooth the maintenance for all types of building service equipment. These equipment cover from all types of water pumps, water tanks, electricity generators, fire alarm systems, lift switch and CCTV systems, etc.

The mount-on-metal RFID tag (HKRUT-G2M6) contains the ID and information associates with the equipment for the maintenance service provider, who can easily use a PDA to read the information inside RFID tag, and then upload the useful maintenance records, such as who, when and what have/have been checked simultaneously. This RFID system will link up with the ERP system for automatic contract renewal, order submission and invoice issuing.

HKRUT-G2M6 is engineered to provide up to 1.2m reading range over concrete and metal object. This ultrasound welded ABS plastic casing, provides water-proof and dust proof protection and backed with a strong 3M VHB adhesive tape. It is suitable for outdoor (such as sunny or rainy situations) and indoor environment (such as oily dusty pump rooms). No battery and no maintenance is needed for this tag, it can last forever as long as the RFID chip inside is functioning (over 50 years).

Not just reducing the tremendous paper work, this system also improved the efficiency for the overall operation. Sometimes, efficient maintenance can help save life, for example, fire telephone link or lift generator set.

A brief specification of HKRUT-G2M6
Size: (LxWxTh)         135x34x16mm (with tape)
RFID IC:                  128bit EPC, 512bit user memory, 32bit for kill password, 32 bit for lock password.
Reading range:           >1.0m over concrete
>1.2m over metal


How to construct a water proof box for Empress reader and Controller?

Waterproof enclosure is commonly used in outdoor environment. Empress 2.4GHz active reader is very easy to mount on any waterproof enclosure. Here are some tips,

1)      Mark the holes on the metal plate and drill them

2)      The controller (if possible) may use 5V and share the DC inputs with Empress Reader when applicable.

3)      Mark the antenna polarization on antenna and also outside the box for easier maintenance

4)      Use cable glands for external power input and data out

5)      This setup also protects the antenna inside the box, you may also try external directional antenna for easier tuning if necessary.