Draft script for Demonstrating the Document Management

Blinkpass is a very easy and convenient device to keep track of documents. This video is going to show how to use it:

First, place a smart label on the document. The smart label already recorded the details and status about the document.

Then you can put the document into the Blinkpass smart tray. The tray would record the time you put the document in. Once you take the document out, the smart tray would record the outflow time.

If you want to check the location or the status of a document, you can simply click the search button on web search page in computers.

Once the documents become idle and you may put them into carton boxes. It would be difficult for you to find it out again. However, by using our handheld reader, you can locate the documents very quickly by reading the labels on the box.

That’s all for the demonstration. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for watching!

RFID Locates Bridge Crane in Terminal without a hitch

Hong Kong RFID has successfully helped Hong Kong Internation Terminal (HIT) to setup a Bridge Crane positioning location system. Just simliar to MTRC cases, such system operates in a covered area where GPS can no longer effectives. With the UHF reader HKRUR-3083 installed on Bridge cane, it can provide the location information from the special tags mounted the tracks. Such UHF RFID system proves effective in metallic environment. The system has overcome several problems:
  • highly metallic environment
  • high speed of bridge cane moving at up to 25km/hr
  • highly vibrating platform
  • frequent shock and impact
  • highly dusty and moisty 
The system runs smoothly without a hitch. It is a remarkable success for HKRUR-3083. HKRUR-3083 is a reader & antenna integrated together into one compact and lightweight body which measured less than 1kg and IP54 industrial grade protection. This highly sensitive device supports ISO18000-6B & 6C and read tags up to 10m away, depends on tag types.

Handle Hardcopies with Ease, BlinkPass Document Management Hit Ground Running

Contracts, file folders and other hardcopies are the most frequent subjects in office, in spite of how advance of electronic document distribution system can be. To meet the growing demand for efficient and effective hardcopy document management system, Hong Kong RFID is proud to announce the brand new product Blinkpass, a desktop RFID document tray recorder.

This BlinkPass Tray can automatically sense the identity of RFID tagged document in the tray and feed back to BlinkTrack Software, which performs more advanced function, for example.
  • Email notice
  • Review tracking
  • Time logging, reminder
  • Authentication
It enables user to trace the document by reading Smart Label and edit the data inside it. As well as its efficient document management function, it offers the highest degree of information security by inspecting the last handling person. Also, cost-saving and multi-user functions make it an ideal choice for office appliance, especially useful in;

  • Banks, investment firm, for loans records
  • Law firm, for contacts management
  • Hospital, for medical record keeping
  • Media Record databanks, for keeping publications


New Jewellery Tag Launched (HKRHT-J10)

New member of Jewellery Smart Tag, HKRHT-J10
Our J08 Smart Tag (Order P/N: HKRHT-J08) and J09 (Order P/N: HKRHT-J09) are being popularly used. Due to the growing market demand, an advanced version is successfully developed. Hong Kong RFID is glad to announce the launch of a new Smart Tag for our jewellery management system – J10 (Order P/N: HKRHT- J10).

For those who concern the environmental issue as well as durability and beauty, we are now launching a J10 Smart Tag which is able to do PETG Encapsulation, instead of PVC. It is robust and solid with customizable printing appearance; it is reusable and low cost. Also, J10 has ROHS compliant to ensure the highest quality standard in part per million level (ppm).
The mat surface can provide a better adhesive force even for labels with weaker glue. User can now "Slap and Fold" the smart tag into their existing price tags firmly; customer can form their own distinctive smart price tags. It is convenience and easy to use.
The hole for hanging strings is now located near the centre of the tag. After the successful launch of the previous 6th and 7th generation smart tag, J08 is popular for its high reliability and good sensitivity while J09 is using the same design but optimizing the use of light weight material. J10 is more durable and not easily ripped. Hong Kong RFID has dedicated to design better tags for our jeweler clients over years.

J10 has the following features:
  • 12x26mm, similar size to a paperclip, the smaller jewellery tag compact but not sacrificing reading range
  • PETG encapsulation
  • Hole in middle, simple and compact structure
  • Color/printing customization
  • Can be easily embedded into any price tags in the market
  • Can be rewritable and reusable
The product is available from December 2008.

Case Sharing on Mobile UHF Handheld HKRUR-5080

December, 2008

All sorts of RFID applications is becoming more user-friendly with this handy portable device, HKRUR-5080. The mobility of handheld further complete the highly automatic RFID system and all benefits from RFID system now visualised through this clear TFT-LCD. There are 3 recent successful cases by using our Mobile UHF handheld reader.

Case 1: Hong Kong International Terminals (HIT)
HIT is one of the busiest container ports in Hong Kong. It is the flagship operation of the Hutchison Port Holdings (HPH) Group, the world's leading port investor, developer and operator. HIT mainly uses our reader in routine maintenance. It helps them to do the checklist:
  • Maintain container positioning system
  • Check RFID tag location information
  • Other maintanance activities
The position location system for bridge cane is a sophisticated system, it is one of very crucial system in daily operation, this handheld being used for routine maintenance, they need to withstand high G-force, shocking and impact circumstances, as well as dusty & muddy environment.

Case 2: The Housing Authority (HA)
It is a statutory body responsible for developing and implementing a public housing program.

We assist HA in conducting a feasibility study in prefabrication product monitoring and surveillance in manufacturing plant and site with using of RFID technology. Our RFID tag products can apply to panel wall, window, pre-cast modules, fire resisting door, etc.

HA use the mobile UHF handheld to Read/Write information into tag which is burried in facade in construction site. The industrial grade protection allows the PDA operates smoothly in dusty and muddy construction site environment.
Not only the increasing traceability of prefabrication product enhances the inventory management, but also the quality of products can be assured. For example, they can keep tracking the building material by our reader. Besides, the system can allow the future tack of information in maintenance issue.
Case 3: Testing Lab
The client is a thrid-party testing laboratory, providing electrical safety testing and certification, EMC testing, and performance and other benchmark testing. In daily operation, our reader helps them in searching, tracking, and testing process. Besides, they use RFID system in Sample Assessment Tracking, to ensure the testing procedure carried out properly. It includes sample evaluation and inspection. By using our reader, they can have better control of quality, production flow and delivery. The customer can also login their system to see the status of testing.
Brief Specification of HKRUR-5080 :
  • UHF frequency is adjustable between 866MHz to 956MHz
  • High speed & high resolution 2D imager standard / 1D Laser option
  • Easy-to-use, PDA-like with user-friendly keypad and touch screen input
  • Computation power enables intelligence logics and functions, with its Intel® Bulverde™ PXA 270 520MHz processor
  • High connectivity, it supports 802.11b/g/Bluetooth Class II, v1.2
  • Mobile-phone communication enabled, CDMA or PHS or GSM/GPRS built in option
  • Industrial Grade, IP65, 1.5m drop to concrete


Participated in Hong Kong International Jewellry Manufactures’ Show

December, 2008

Just like before, Hong Kong RFID has been active in the jewellry industry with our renowned Jewellery Management System Xapphire™. The application of RFID-enabled JMS has been focused on wholesaling, inventory checking and internal logistics operations. In December 2008, together with our partner, EverTech, we joined the Jewelry Manufacturer's Associations exhibition in Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre.

In the exhibition, we provided demonstration of our system showing jewellers from all over the world how RFID technology can apply in their operation and smoothing the flows. Besides, many of our customers used our system in the show and they realized the efficiency and effectiveness of the system. They are satisfied with our products, and we got a very good feedback from our customers.

With the advanced software of our partner, a lot of exhibitors who are jewellery wholesalers and retailers express interest in our equipments. Through the demonstration, they can easily understand the operation of JMS and experience the benefits brought from our system.

The exhibition was successful and it brought us a great chance to expand our JMS business to more places. We have already begun follow-up work for the inquiries we got from the exhibition and we look forward to the fruitful results.