Hong Kong RFID provides Building Component Database System (BCDS) to the Biggest Public Housing Project in HK

Hong Kong RFID is awarded for providing BCDS to the development of Anderson Road project, which is currently the biggest public housing project in Hong Kong. To help you imagine the scale of Anderson Road development, you just need to see how many estates are adjacent to the area; Shun Chi Court, Shun Lee Estate, Shun On Estate, Shun Tin Estate, Sau Mau Ping Estate and Po Tat Estate.

There are 4 local big contactors are participating the infrastructures and building projects. We are honored to provide BCDS to all public housing project here, and participate and being a part of this gigantic project.

Anderson Road Project Details from Wiki:
-          23 blocks of housing
-          1880 housing and 25000 residents
-          40 ha area

The development area can be clearly seen across the habour, it almost covers half of the Kowloon. Photo from Wiki.

Photo from anderson road project official site.

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