[Tech blog] A weekend mini-project, EM02 reader links up wearables and controller

Just a simple DIY quick project, showing how to make a home automation or access control, the EM02 reads any bluetooth low power gadgets such as Mi-wristand, or Jawbone or Fitbit, or similar.

The SD-card image can be provided upon request, it provides a website for simple configuration, save the low power gadgets's ID timestamp, in SD card, and control the relay. 

What would be the software looks like? to-be-continued in next blog, stay tune.

Bill of material:

Raspberry Pi 2nd-gen, Real time clock, Piface controller 4-relay 4 I/O, 8G Sandisk card with SDK program
1 set
Any mobilephone adapter/charger, 5V min. 2A
USB power for Pi
USB to Serial Port
USB to DC2.1 jack
Empress EM02-SP reader (serial port)
Sport wearable gadgets, or 2.4G low power transponders, Mi-wristband, Hussar NT02 transponder, jawbone UP24, Fitbit Flex, etc.

- where to purchase the Raspberry Pi: link
- where to purchase the Piface relay board: link