Luxury Marketing with NFC

"Tap to Unlock the Story Behind!" gonna be your new NFC marketing campaign.

With technology advancement, we are now able to produce penny-size and paper-thin NFC tags for diverse marketing solutions. In this video, we are showing you a new marketing channel for your luxury brand. The concept is simple - an NFC tag in your packaging or as a price tag. This brings your brand closer to your customers by only ONE TAP with their Smartphone or Tab!

You can include various information, from diamond certificates and products from the same collection, to promotion videos and marketing campaigns.

Launch your own NFC campaign with us now!


Simple ibeacon demo using Garrison RT02-BT

This is a simple ibeacon demostration using Garrison RT02-BT. Here we showed the how iphone detects the 2.4GHz bluetooth low energy (with ibeacon firmwire advertising a UUID). Any android mobiles equipped with bluetooth 4.0 also works the same.

The signal RSSI received from transponder would be used for ranging BUT do not provide any hints on direction. So actually the direction appears on the screen is only for the ease of illustration purpose only.

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