Industrial-grade HF RFID Handheld Reader (P/N: HKRHR-IQ081)

IQ081 Handheld Reader series is the 5th generation product developed for industrial applications. This PDA runs Windows CE with touch screen function. The embedded OS allows users to further develop the software program and run applications. It is convenient to collect data and information with this handheld reader. Synchronizing data with PC or network is easy also.
IQ081 is an industrial-grade product, it can read/write the electronic labels or the tags, which complies with ISO15693, ISO14443A, ISO14443B, UHF EPC Gen2 (ISO18000-6C), and ISO18000-6B standards.

IQ081 handheld reader can be widely used in different applications. It can be applied to data collection systems, such as jewellery management, logistics control, vehicle and personnel access control, electronic anti-counterfeiting, automated-production management, etc.

Special Features:

  •        Integrated Barcode Scanner
  •        Support WiFi, communicate with LAN by wireless network
  •        Outdoor user can keep in touch with headquarters at any time by GPRS
  •        Support HF/UHF RFID
  •        Handwrite input, support signature capture function
  •        Industry IP54 hardware design and can be used in harsh environment
  •        Good performance and cost-effective

New smallest Jewellery tag sample (HKRHT- J12, 17*14mm)

Apart from the new model J11 HF jewellery tag, Hong Kong RFID gladly announces the launch of another new Smart Tag for our jewellery management system J12 (Order P/N: HKRHT- J12). It is a small jewellery 10% smaller than the normal jewellery tags J10 (P/N: HKRHT-J10).

The mat surface of J12 can provide a better adhesive force even for labels with weaker glue. User can now "Slap and Fold" the smart tag into their existing price tags firmly. Customers can form their own distinctive smart price tags. It is convenientand easy to use. 
For those who concern about the environment as well as tag durability and appearance, we are now launching a J12 Smart Tag which is using PVC encapsulation. It is robust and solid with customizable printing graphics. It is reusable and low cost. Also, J12 is ROHS compliant to ensure the highest quality standard in part per million level (ppm).

After the successful launch of the previous 6th and 7th generation smart tag, J08 is popular for its high reliability and good sensitivity while J10 is uses the same design but optimizes the use of light weight material. J12 is smaller and more durable as it is not easily ripped. Hong Kong RFID is dedicated to designing better tags for our jeweler clients over years.

J12 has the following features:
  • 17X14mm, smaller than a paperclip, compact but does not sacrifice reading range
  • PVC encapsulation
  • Simple and compact structure
  • Color/printing customization
  • Can be easily embedded into any price tags in the market
  • Can be rewritable and reusable
The product is available from Feb 2011.

New Jewellery tag sample (HKRHT- J11, Tear-to-destroy)

Hong Kong RFID is glad to announce the launch of a new Smart Tag for our jewellery management system, J11 (Order P/N: HKRHT- J11). It is an updated version of J09, though our J08, J09 and J10 Smart Tags are being popularly used, due to the growing market demand, we have developed an advanced version with different features.

The adhesive surface of J11 can provide a better force for tagging the existing price tag. It is printable roll form and no need to enclose the tag with other label again. Customers can form their own distinctive smart price tags. It is convenient and easy to use. 
The antenna is specially designed for security purposes. When someone tries to tear the tag, the antenna would be damaged and can no longer function. In other words, when you cannot read the tag properly, the tag is very likely already destroyed by someone.
J11 has the following features:
  • 30X15mm, similar size of a paperclip and very thin. Compact yet does not sacrifice reading range.
  • RFID label with adhesive layer.
  • Tear-to-destroy, avoid being exchanged, help protecting your info.
  • Printable roll form available.
  • Color/printing customization.
  • Can be easily embedded to any price tags in the market.
  • Rewritable and one time use.
The product is available from Feb 2011.


RFID World Asia 2011 Exhibition

Hong Kong RFID Ltd is delighted to be one of the participants in the RIFD World Asia 2011 Exhibition in Singapore. The exhibition is to be held in SUNTEC Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre on 13-15 April, 2011. Our booth number is 4U07.

Like last year, we are going to present both passive and active RIFD solutions at the exhibition. These solutions include easy tracking of people and assets, convenient access without keys but a RFID tag, and much more. In addition, Hong Kong RFID Ltd. is pleased to introduce our latest Active System which is the essential component of your one-of-a-kind and innovative system. Various demonstration and detailed illustration will be offered by our colleagues at the booth. Make sure you drop by and visit us!

RFID World Asia is the largest RFID trade exhibition in the Asia region. It has been the unique platform for technological showcasing and sourcing of RFID products and solutions for the past seven years. Over sixty world class RFID suppliers exhibits their products and solutions during the show.It surely is a good chance for RFID technology sharing. If you are interested in the exhibition, please register through the following link:

We are ready to introduce our best RFID solutions to you and looking forward to meeting you in Singapore!