Garrison Series for Asset Tracking

In data centers, thousands of servers are packed on hundreds of open racks. How can we locate a particular server out of the thousands for maintenance? Traditionally, a lot of manpower and time is spent on locating and monitoring servers, which is inefficient and a waste of resources. 

Now with Garrison™ Responsive Tags, the flashing LED light communicating with the Empress™ reader can greatly simplify the task. Moreover, the tamper-proof sensor can prevent the tag from being removed from the asset. More details will be provided in our case study.

In hospitals, expensive medical equipment are often mobile to cater for the dynamic changes and need for fast reactions during emergencies. Despite the convenience and flexibility brought by the equipment mobility, effort spent locating them around the hospital area will always incur high cost in terms of both time and money. In some cases, finding the particular equipment needed for a patient could affect the whole medical operation process. 

Garrison™ Rugged tag works with Empress™ readers to provide real time tracking through periodically sending signals to the reader. This can greatly save time and costs in asset tracking. Download case study here to read more.

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