Power over Ethernet (PoE) is Getting Popular

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is Getting Popular

In 2.4GHz active RFID implementation, apart from the most popular 2.4GHz Active RFID model HKRAR-EMWF, which uses IEEE 802.11.2 b/g to communicate with PC, the POE member of this Empress reader series (HKRAR-EMPOE) is also getting popular and common in environmental monitoring or any data-gathering projects.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a technology that uses the power inside LAN cable to power up the devices such as IP camera, router, controller, gateway and RFID readers. By injecting power into the standard Cat-5 Ethernet cable with POE adaptor (or injector), the cable is providing 15.4W (48V) to the device and at the same time providing data transmission. It simplifies the network installation and maintenance.

The Advantages of PoE:

-          Little configuration or management required
-          Avoid using mains voltages hence more safe
-          Simplified installation and space saving
-          Easier for trouble shoot since data and power are on same cable
-          Ethernet cable can reach 100meters regardless on RF environment
-          Eliminate the need to hire skilled electrical contractor

Photo: Blue LAN powers up and exchanges data with Reader.

Precautions in Implementing a PoE system

1)      The maximum allowed continuous output power per cable specified in IEEE 802.3af-2003 is 15.4W. The 2.4GHz active RFID reader (PN:HKRAR-POE) reader only uses small amount of power (less than 1W), however, as a rule of thumb, a maximum cable length of 100m is still recommended.

2)      Reliable PoE adaptor (injector) must be used. Some low quality adaptor may not have certain circuit protection and power stabilization features, the reader can be damaged by the PoE adaptor. Here is a recommended model.

Photo: EMPOE reduces the total project cost by running on single LAN cable.

EMPOE works well with all 2.4GHz active transponders, including asset tags, temperature sensor tags, etc. Please visit this website for for detail for Empress 2.4GHz Active RFID Reader Series.


Mounting Apparatus for Active RFID Reader

There are many methods to mount reader (with omni-directional antenna) on wall and ceiling, here we suggest 2 handy apparatus which is good for this job. It is always recommended to do a on-site testing or pilot run on the spots which to-be-mounted on. 

Reader Brackets
Feature: Wall Mounting & Ceiling Mounting, Wide angle adjustable
l   Material: Steel
l   Up & Down: 90 degree
l   Left & Right: 360 degree
l   Load Capacity: 20lbs
l   Mounting hardware included 

Reader Wall Mount:
Feature: Wall Mounting, 7cm to wall
l   Material: Steel with rubber at joints
l   Up & Down: 30 degree & 30 degree
l   Left & Right: 60 degree & 60 degree
l   Load Capacity: 6kgs

To attach the reader on the bracket or wall mount, we recommend using 3M VHB adhesive tape, best with at least 1mm thick. For temporary attachment, we recommend using cable fastener zip or tie lock.


Joined with Axper to Provide Vision Intelligent for Counting People

Hong Kong RFID today announced an Exclusive Distributor appointment for Axper products. Axper Inc. and Hong Kong RFID will collaborate to provide Hong Kong region and China region client with Axper's advanced vision base people counting systems and analysis. Hong Kong RFID Ltd is very excited for such partnership. The latest camera model "Vision II" provides a highly automated and accurate people counting in a large 3D space.

Comparing with other people counting technologies such as infrared sensor or CCTV, this device is highly sensitive to people only, and it offers between 96% to 100% accuracy by using 2 lenses and proprietary sophisticated 3D calculation algorithm to distinguish situation such as shadows, carts, strollers, animals, hugging couples and any disturbances. Together with "Performance Plus", a cloud-base traffic analytic application, retailers can easily monitor all retail points around the globe, quickly assess each point of sales target, KPI, and potential business opportunities. It also allows the planning of clear and measurable strategies.

This people counting system accurately tracks on visitors and customers who walked in/out on it's own, it also works seamlessly with the corporates' POS, attendance system and assets management system. For example, when the shop keepers and the equipment or asset are tagged with HK RFID's 2.4GHz active transponders, the system can provide even more advanced intelligent applications, for example, for better arrangement of beauty consultant and equipment location in beauty salons.

"RF-ID solution has never been so completed, until we have Vision! We look forward to a long and productive relationship with Axper Inc.", said Francis Tai, Partnership Director of Hong Kong RFID.

About Axper
Axper is the expert in people counting systems and analysis. Since the early 80's, the Axper team has acquired expertise working closely with North American retailers, mall developers and public building management. Axper offers high quality, accurate traffic counting systems, user friendly analytic software and methodology, which results in a high return on investment. All of Axper products and services are supported by professional installation, integration, training and consulting services.