Construction Site Safety with RFID Alarm System

Special Features:

  •           Infrastructure cost
  •           Read 30m to 50m distance
  •           External usage
  •           Auto judging / alarm function
Robust Active RFID Tag

Construction safety with RFID system
Construction sites are challenging environments to manage with the many critical issues like asset management, tool tracking, production safety as well as worker safety. To meet these challenges, more and more construction companies and site contractors are integrating Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology in their day-to-day operation of construction sites and projects.

The o
ccupational accident rates in the construction industry are always higher than that in any other industries because of the uncertainty in labor behaviors and working environments. Safety management could not be easily carried out due to the open environment and dynamic events at all times in construction sites. Therefore, serious accidents happen with these complex reasons.
The adaptability of RFID technology in construction industry helps to solve these serious problems.

Personal Warning System
Our Active RFID tag is developed based on Active RFID technology that can sense and monitor the worker’s location or working area within the detecting zone. A worker only have to carry an Active RFID tag with buzzer and when they enter into a dangerous area, the tag will raise alarm to warn the operator and supervisor accordingly.

Real-time tracking and locating system
The wireless communication protocol can satisfy requirement of RFID communication rate in construction sites. Also, the new safety device of active alarming equipped with RFID tag provides not only personal protection but also real-time sensing and monitoring for management.

The location identification module can provide working route tracking and suit the condition of construction sites. Our active RFID reader can read 9m to 50m radius depends on tuning and the real environment. The active tag can help you identify the current location of worker. If they are in the dangerous area, the worker ID and location would be shown to the supervisor for further actions. 

The supervisor can periodically review the record and analysis the working condition of each worker. They can give advice to the dangerous workers in order to reduce the accident rates. 

Wide Applications
Besides, the active RFID tag can be used on vehicles or other machines in the construction site. Therefore, when the drivers enter the dangerous area; the supervisor would be notified.

RFID technology will bring management in construction industry more control over safety in sites with advanced testing of stability and longevity on the Active equipments. Wireless transition integrated with database would make the device more efficient and accurate. This new safety device can monitor safety condition of labors and contractors and provide security and emergency control for dynamic and working environment.

Seminar in Hong Kong Poly University: RFID applications in Air Freight Forwarding Industry

Hong Kong RFID Limited has in depth RFID application experience in logistic and warehouse management. In January 2010, Hong Kong RFID Ltd. was glad to be invited to a seminar organized by Hong Kong Polytechnic University, “Enhancing the competitiveness of the Hong Kong Air Freight Forwarding industry Using RFID and Software Agent Technologies”.

Hong Kong is a leader in international air cargo processing. To maintain its long-term competitiveness, there is a strong need for Hong Kong to invest in applied research on advanced air freight forwarding services. With the collaboration of Hong Kong Association of Freight Forwarding and Logistics Ltd. (HAFFA), the most representative air freight forwarding association in Hong Kong with over 300 company members, Hong Kong Polytechnic University proposes to investigate the use of RFID and software agent technologies to enhance the competitiveness of Hong Kong's air freight forwarding industry. 

In particular,
Hong Kong Polytechnic University will develop a basic RFID Radio Frequency Identification-based air cargo processing system and employ software agents to facilitate the important task of flight planning. Extensive tests or pilot runs using real air cargo items will be conducted with its industrial partners. Hong Kong RFID is one of the research project’s partner and sponsor. We provided technical support and RFID equipment to assist in the project.


The seminar was held to report on the project’s research findings so far and induce discussions among industry representatives on the topic. Our Business Development Director, Mr. Craig Jo was the representative to introduce the RFID applications in logistic and warehouse management as well as the Air Freight Forwarding industry in the seminar. RFID equipments help to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of warehouse operations. We believe that RFID technology will play an important role in future air freight forwarding operations.