Hong Kong RFID Ltd – Winning of The Tao Heung Innovative Entrepreneur Award

The 16th Innovative Entrepreneur Awards Presentation Ceremony was successfully held at the Hyatt Regency Hong Kong, 17th August 2012. Hong Kong RFID Ltd, joining the competition for the first time, was honored to receive "The Tao Heung Innovative Entrepreneur Award". Over 150 guests, including panels of judges, representatives from winning companies, leading businessmen and reporters, attended the award presentation ceremony.

Organized by City Junior Chamber (CJC), the campaign aims to recognize the achievements and contributions of entrepreneurs who pursue excellence and embrace innovative ideas relentlessly. Throughout the years, recognitions has been presented to 150 awardees to encourage and recognize entrepreneurs’ efforts on applying creativity and innovation in their journeys of creating startups, as well as acknowledging Hong Kong companies established for at least 2 years to at most 6 years which have developed or launched an innovative product during the period.

"Be Creative, we love Innovation" is the theme of this year. To stand out, Hong Kong RFID Ltd. has demonstrated its strengths and innovativeness throughout the whole selection process, which included an initial screening by the judging panel and a presentation at the final judging interview. The judging criteria are based on a range of aspects, including originality, creativity & uniqueness, risk & financial management, marketing strategy, developmental prospects and social responsibility.

It is a great honor for Hong Kong RFID Ltd. to be recognized as a creative and innovative entrepreneur in today’s competitive environment. This is attributed by its persistence and continuous efforts to innovate through pioneering technology to enhance the living standard in our community. This prestigious award will help elevate local presence while Hong Kong RFID Ltd. is determined to strive for excellence and devoted to keeping abreast of innovation continuously.

About the Award
The Innovative Entrepreneur Award" belongs to part of the “Innovative Entrepreneur 2012 Series", organized by the famous awarding brand - City Junior Chamber with more than a decade of history. Since 2007, "Innovative Entrepreneur” has also developed three other brands: Innovative Entrepreneur Association; Innovative Entrepreneur Academy & Innovative Entrepreneur Odyssey. In 2008, it also joined the “Shadow Innovative Entrepreneur”. Over the years, it has been working with efforts and strives to encourage and inspire the public to start their own innovative business.

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