Asset Management and Maintenance of Casino Furniture using RFID (Business Case Sharing)

A casino in Macau has recently deployed our RFID solution into the management of their furniture and equipment. It has been told that the traditional management method, used by the casino, was inefficient. As there are wide varieties of furniture and equipment inside the casino, ranging from tiny objects to bulky objects, it was difficult for the casino to maintain a clear management system with detailed activity record and repair history.

Not traditional, Not Barcode, It's RFID
We have provided a tailor-made RFID AMS solution to the casino for specifically managing furniture and equipment. Every furniture and equipment are tagged with a RFID tag and therefore each of them possesses a unique ID. Using RFID can ensure the casino a more stable, secure and enduring method to identify and manage all assets. Besides, RFID provides a relatively longer reading range than other method like the barcode. It is far more efficient and effective for the casino to manage large quantities of a bulky object.

Specialised web-based management system
The management system is based on the webpage to ensure a wide adaptability.  All RFID readers are connected to the system and all data read from the tag will be collected and stored. A full record of activity and repair history of each asset will be available on the web-based system. A multi-party log-in function is also made available in this case as to provide access to other parties (other than the casino) to record the repair history.

Integratable with 3rd party AMS software
Besides using the AMS software provided by us, clients can also integrate our RFID system (tags & readers) with their current using AMS software like IBM Maximo or any other desired AMS software outside. Flexibility is greatly enhanced through the improvement on the compatibility.

For details, please contact sales@hk-rfid.com OR visit http://www.hk-rfid.com/asset--management-system

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