Material testing labs use RFID to trace specimen progress and release certificate (Business Case Sharing)

Hong Kong RFID ltd has installed a RFID-enabled specimen tracking system (RFID-TSDS) for a commercial construction material testing laboratory in Hong Kong. The testing lab wants to improve their professional corporate image and specimen traceability, so they are now using RFID as a tool to trace the process from collection til the printing of reports.

During the on-site sampling, the gathered sample will be given a specimen ID, with the GPS location and staff  ID recorded using a mobile android terminal. The samples will then be shipped to laboratory by a league of vehicles. The ID will be associated with a series of measurement equipment, environmental conditions measurement, and the testing results/photos by automatic data acquisition, with the least human interruption. And finally, the lab manager can review the data and sign the report with their professional judgments or comments.

The installed RFID system supports 2 types specimen; steel rebar, and concrete sample cube. The far-range UHF technology provides continuous ID-reading during sample measurement, even when doing disruptive compression test or elongation test. This system ensures a 100% association of Sample ID with the measurement data and avoids manual tempering the testing results. And of course, the UHF has it's unique innate ID being recorded and memory being well-protected from copying and overwrite.

Equipment that supports RFID. 

  • Compression test equipment (INSTRON)
  • Bending and elongation test
  • Weight measurement
  • 3D size measurement
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