Bakery Shop uses Washable RFID to ensure Uniform Hygiene (Business Case Sharing)

A 50-year-old Japanese bakery (the client) in Hong Kong uses washable RFID tag for uniform tracking. This specialized system will assist the company through the entire life cycle of each individual uniform from purchasing to daily use, cleaning, and disposal.

Hygiene is very important for food industry, from production to retail shop front; The client has newly set up centralized laundry-house, deployed latest system, to manage employee's uniform;

The system works by embedding a UHF tag inside each uniform before distributing to each employee. The UHF tag is specially designed to endure laundry washing cycles. Each UHF tag also carries a unique ID so that the company can sort out different uniforms and know that where the uniform comes from (which shop) and who it belongs to (employee).

Each tag can withstand over 200 cycles of dry-cleans; and more for standard washing.

With this solution, we can see how a centralized uniform laundry can improve their process efficiency by easier sorting using RFID, i.e. fully utilize the wash drum space by mixing different origins of uniforms; and sort the uniform effectively before delivery.

It also helps companies to better control the hygiene and condition of employee's uniform and hence they can present a neater, higher quality and more professional image to customers.

Step 1 Tagging: iron the washable RFID tag, 200C for just 10sec
Step 2 Associate: link the clothes with labor ID or retail shop location
Step 3 Trace: start washing count, and monitor through website

Overall, this customized laundry tag solution can help the company to achieve:
1. Enhanced uniform laundry efficiency and down-costing
2. More accountable and visible distribution network
3. Loss and damage reduction, and most importantly
4. Effectively control uniform hygiene standard and present a better brand image

(photo shows the ironing process to adhere heat sealable RFID tag on uniform)

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