Garrison BT02 Beacon Tag supports Eddystone URL

How to push a simple URL to smartphones? That is a billion dollar question.

QRcode still remains popular even though it requires rarely-installed scan-apps. Many users might not realize that many install messaging apps like LINE or WECHAT can scan QR code too. But until the day all camera apps have scanner feature built-in, it won't take off as the most popular method.

Android Smartphone has the next-best method called NFC, which is useful to pick up URL without any APP; that leaves the lonely and helpless iPhone users.

It is a well-known fact that all street promoters who are delivering FREE ice-cream in return for loading a URL or pressing LIKE a Facebook page or installing an APP, hates iPhone very very much. It is extremely hard to push a message on iphone even with iBeacon technologies, APP-support is a luxury for a short marketing campaign. The most common method is manual key-in search words in itune store.

Now street marketing got a new better method for iphone users; by using Eddystone URL and commonly installed app "Chrome".

At the moment, Chrome is the only browser that supports Eddystone URL beacons. BUT, it won't be long for other OS or App or Browser in the same ecological system doing the same. Why not? they got to have something for their endless update, right?

For iphone users who believe they approached a Eddystone beacons broadcasting URL, and for the promoters who are broadcasting a URL, this is what will happen;

A demo for a iphone to get a URL, by just check on Notification, in Chrome section.

The beacon in the screen: HKRAT-BT02

The Setup procedure is simple:  link.

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