Eddystone, NFC, QR; 3in1 Smartposter with Cloud Content and Analytics; [English Subtitled]

  1. Eddystone is the android version of ibeacon (sort-of), this is truly cross-platform and broadcasting a string character e.g. “www.hk-rfid.com”, instead of meaningless ID as in ibeacons.
  2. WE DON’T TAKE SIDE IN TECHNOLOGY; tomorrow there will have another new broadcasting method. No matter NFC, QRcode, or kind-of-ibeacons, only thing we are sure is that they are not going to be the ONLY one single method.
  3. That’s why marketing promotion banners or posters have to equip with multiple methods, co-existing to let different mobile users to read content.
  4. Hence, it gives birth a Cloud platform to hold all content. As shown in video, change content in ONE method, all others follow. 

Top Application: Advertising, Marketing

Product shown in video:

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