[Product Preview] Industrial android smartphone with nRF51822 module for BT Low Power device; EM02-C5D

For industrial and construction sites, where you need a robust smartphone to read BT Low Power data, this IP65 rugged smartphone is a perfect tool. It is a standard rugged android smartphone equipped with a 2.4GHz module empowered by Nordic Semiconductor nRF51822 chipset.

This EM02-C5D belongs to Empress family, it reads all Empress-family transponder. It is also a bluetooth smart device, it reads bluetooth low power or BT4.0 above protocols from any bluetooth smart device, for example, fitbit, jawbone wristbands.

The 2.4GHz chip antenna on module works smoothly with the smartphone GPS, Wifi and 3G, providing a reading range of 40 meters (0dB transponder).

The rugged IP65 body makes it perfect for harsh industrial environment. It brings Internet of Thing (IoT) technologies to the Oil and Gas field operation (not a ATEX device), easily integrate items information (ID) with smartphone standard features like GPS location, Camera, meter sensor data, etc; and upload through 3G data network to server.

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Production code: Product code: HKRAR-EM02-C5D

Demo video of EM02-C5D, read more at active RFID reader page.

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