Pipe tracking using Passive RFID

Water Pipe is a highly concerned issue in HK recently for material safety issues. Pipe tracking is also very highly concerned in fuel and power delivery . To ensure or even enhance pipeline safety, a good tracking, recording system is required. Auto-ID system can provide a faster data retrieval  when comparing to visual methods, which data and drawing of the pipeline are hard to obtain or hard to understand. 

With RFID, Information of the pipeline network can be all stored in tiny tags that are easy and convenient to read or write by RFID reader. 

Such as below:

A tiny RFID tag with an industrial ring that can firmly hold on any rod-shape object

A tiny RFID tag with an industrial ring that can firmly hold on water PVC pipeline

RFID system can be applied throughout different processes includes sampling, construction, 
installation and usage stage and possibly provide functions like pipeline tagging, direction tracking, material record and worker maintenance record.......

If you are interested in applying RFID system in your pipeline network, there are few concerns you need to think it through:

1.  Installation method, in-situ or pre-tagged? 
2.  Weather proof of tag? how about explosion-proof?
3.  Any reading range concerns?
4.  The readers and the web-data to back up this system

More information be found in this link.

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