Environment Control System for Museums

In museums and art centres, valuable paintings, art pieces and historic artifacts are stored for showcase to the public. These exhibits require delicate care and well-controlled environment to ensure good preservation. Managing the museum environment is thus a vital task. Apart from the material of the exhibit, the number of visitors, the weather and air conditioning are all factors affecting the relative humidity and temperature of the museum.

To closely monitor the humidity and temperature levels in the museum, staff is required to measure the temperature and relative humidity from time to time in order to adjust the ventilation and air-conditioning systems accordingly. This result in high time cost in measuring the parameters frequently, varying accuracy rate due to manual operation and high operation cost.

Our Tempcorder Moist Tag is used to perform the measuring task automatically and more accurately. Moist Tags are placed in different locations for capturing temperature and humidity data. Equipped with an accurate digital humidity sensor of up to 1% resolution and wireless functions, Tempcorder Moist Tag can measure humidity range from 0 - 100%  and  temperature from -25°C to +80°C. The humidity and temperature data is sent along with the tag ID to the reader and then to the central server periodically, to prevent damages on the exhibits due to environment changes.

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