Invited to Seminar In the Oil & Gas Industry

HK-RFID is honored to be invited to a recent seminar organized by one of the most famous global group of petrochemicals and fuel companies to share the latest application and technological developments for utilizing RFID in the fuels/lubricants, engine and vehicle management field with various companies from the construction and fuel industry. One of the highlights of the event is the demonstration of our latest RFID solution - Electronic Fuel Delivery System (EFDS) powered by 2.4GHz active RFID, which is specially designed for the oil and fuel industry to improve business efficiency through automation of the whole operating process.

During the seminar, our representatives have introduced the basic ideas and knowledge behind the system and demonstrated the general operation flow through an interactive approach. Significant positive responses were received. The seminar has achieved great success in bringing and introducing RFID technology into the industry with its inspiring characteristics and functions compared to the old technology (barcode system) used.

At the end of the seminar, audience were impressed by the innovative application and shown great interests in it while stronger bonding between HK-RFID and the oil industry has been found. It was surely our pleasure to be invited to host the seminar and we are confident to further establish a cooperating relationship with the industry.

Electronic Fuel Delivery System - Simple with Multiple Functions

To operate the system, ID-Tags with unique ID and LED light will be installed on vehicles. When operators choose a specific vehicle for oil injection via Mobile Handheld Reader, the respective LED will light up for identification. The ES-Box installed in the oil truck will then record the starting & stopping time and the injection amount of fuel injection. On the other hand, the operation time of each vehicle will be stored in the Operation Timer connected to the fuse box inside the vehicle. All data in the ES-Box and Operation Timer will be automatically downloaded to the Mobile Handheld Reader, which can then be connected to a PC to generate an efficiency report for further analysis purpose. The whole operation flow of the system is simple, easy and automated!


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Electronic Fuel Delivery System (EFDS) powered by Empress 2.4 GHz Active RFID

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