Winner of the Grand Award and Gold Award of Hong Kong ICT Awards 2011’s Best Innovation and Research Award

Hong Kong RFID Ltd. is awarded the Gold Award of the category "Best Innovation and Research (Postgraduate & Open)" of the Hong Kong ICT Awards 2011 with our Interactive Floor Tile System after going through 5 rounds of assessment. With the System's outstanding performance, the panel of judges consisting of local ICT experts and professionals also awarded the Grand Award of the same category to us.

The Interactive Floor Tile System is the R&D outcome from Hong Kong RFID's excellent team of electronic and product development engineers. The System is a combination of innovative product design and skillful electronic design. The same system is used for the Hong Kong Exhibition of World Exposition 2010 Shanghai.

Demonstrated in the Urban Best Practices Area in the Hong Kong Exhibition, the Interactive Floor Tile System is able to trace movement of visitors by sensing changes in the electro field. Traditionally, this is achieved by weight detection, which is not possible in this case due to the heavy glass covering. To improve sensibility and reliability, electro field sensors have been used instead. Whenever a visitor passes by, the sensors detect the electro change and the corresponding tiles light up, leaving a lighted trail. The system also produces light effect with different rhythms, brightness, colors and patterns that can be preset to match different themes.

The technology employed in the Interactive Floor Tile System is applicable in other settings such as intelligent home systems and shopping malls. Hong Kong RFID’s research and development team will further explore different applications of it. We hope our success will inspire other technological firms.

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