MODBUS supported now: Empress 2.4GHz Reader (PN:HKRAR-EM02) now supports MODBUS as extended firmware feature

Empress Reader is now supporting MODBUS by acting as agent to respond to Master’s command. All Temperature/humidity wireless sensors (TT02 or HT02) can now act as Slave, reporting to the reader, who then respond to MODBUS’s enquiry (Master). The machine addresses specification will be available in technical document soon.

This is one of the commonly-requested features in environment monitoring and control applications. Modbus is commonly used in PLCs (programmable logic controllers) for industrial applications for many years. 

Please go visit our website for more detail about environmental monitoring.

Keep in mind;
-          Max 100 devices (Slave) is supported
-          This is a requested feature, and not a BUILT-IN feature in ordinary firmware YET. Please specify before placing orders.
-          Firmware upgrade method will be provided, for distributor’s stock items.
-          Readers are serial port, RS232; For RS485 users, a simple converter can be provided.

-          Readers are powered by 5V 2A DC, instead of 12V.

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