How RFID can help Jewelry business become more efficient?

HKiTechPlus has interviewed with Freddie Leung, the Senior Account Manager of Hong Kong RFID Ltd. on the topic of How RFID can help Jewelry business become more efficient”.

Mr. Freddie Leung was invited to introduce the applications and benefits of a jewellery management utilizing RFID equipment. In the interview session, Freddie has done a demonstration for the jewellery customer. With a HF RFID reader, an antenna and some tags, up to 50 or 100 tags could be read in a few seconds. Customers can also be benefit from risk free reading due to the high accuracy of the RFID system.

Hong Kong RFID Ltd. is an experienced supplier providing a wide range of RFID products and equipments for jewellery applications. Most of the local jewellery distributors have adopted our RFID system. HK-RFID is recognized as the most active RFID player in the jewellery industry.

RFID technology brings benefits to the jewellery industry, especially in terms of efficient and effective stock-taking. Please refer to the following link for more detail information of the interview.

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