Russia TV "NTV" interviewed Hong Kong RFID Ltd.

Thanks to the referral from ITC and Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation, the operation director from Hong Kong RFID Ltd., Mr. Mike Fung, was honorably interviewed by a Russian TV crew “NTV” on May 6 at RFID Centre. NTV Russia is the largest TV-network in Russia. In the interview, Mr. Fung talked about his company, shared a lot of his R&D experience and also introduced many innovative applications of RFID technologies including jewelry management and Sushi Hygenic monitoring.
Jewelry Management

The Jewelry management system from Hong Kong RFID Ltd. offers an instant and efficient jewelry stock taking management and quotation procedure compared to traditional barcode system. As each tag carries a unique ID, the RFID reader detects a certain amounts of tags at one time and shows them in a software interface. Therefore you can easily know how many jewels there are.
Sushi Hygienic monitoring

Many Hong Kong people enjoy eating Japanese food Sushi. It is crucial for sushi to maintain its freshness. With RFID technology, a RFID tag would be stick on the bottom of a sushi dish and it would record the time for the sushi dish leaving the kitchen. As per the scheduled time of the sushi dish, the “over-time” sushi dished would be expelled from the conveyor belt, therefore customers enjoy the fresh sushi all the time. Besides, the waiter can sum up the bill by pressing a button on a handheld reader which is very convenient for the two parties.

There are more interesting topics shared by Mr. Fung. This interview was planned to be shown in a series on “Hi-Technology in Hong Kong.” For further details about the interview, please refer to the announcement of NTV.

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