Handle Hardcopies with Ease, BlinkPass Document Management Hit Ground Running

Contracts, file folders and other hardcopies are the most frequent subjects in office, in spite of how advance of electronic document distribution system can be. To meet the growing demand for efficient and effective hardcopy document management system, Hong Kong RFID is proud to announce the brand new product Blinkpass, a desktop RFID document tray recorder.

This BlinkPass Tray can automatically sense the identity of RFID tagged document in the tray and feed back to BlinkTrack Software, which performs more advanced function, for example.
  • Email notice
  • Review tracking
  • Time logging, reminder
  • Authentication
It enables user to trace the document by reading Smart Label and edit the data inside it. As well as its efficient document management function, it offers the highest degree of information security by inspecting the last handling person. Also, cost-saving and multi-user functions make it an ideal choice for office appliance, especially useful in;

  • Banks, investment firm, for loans records
  • Law firm, for contacts management
  • Hospital, for medical record keeping
  • Media Record databanks, for keeping publications

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