How EFDS works? Meter Recorder in Action!

What is EFDS?

Electronic fuel delivery system (EFDS) is an award* winning system that helps you to generate fuel efficiency reports that compares the operation time again fuel consumption for each construction vehicle or machine.  It is a system that combines and automates machine/fleet management together with flow meter recording.

Situation: In a medium size construction site, there are over 50-100 fuel-powered machines or vehicles, having their fuel tanks refilled with hundreds and thousands gallons of oil/diesel every day.


  • It is hard to measure how efficient each machine is. It is hard to obtain their total run time. It is hard to get the amount of fuel consumed too.
  • How could you determine the FUEL EFFICIENCY without all these data?
  • Sometimes, different contractors might work at the same site, using the same fuel refilling station/facilities. If you want to split the bill according to each vehicle and their operation time, you need a lot of paper work.

How EFDS works:

  • Install a ID Tag (transponder) on that machine, so now each machine now has an ID
  • Install a wireless Operation Timer (datal ogger) is connected to each machine's fuse box, the logger records the operation time
  • The flow meter in refilling station are connected to our ES-Box, which records the amount of oil refilled
  • The Mobile Handheld Reader identifies each machine by reading the ID Tag on them as they approach
  • These data can be consolidated and shown on a Mobile Handheld Reader and then print out by a printer immediately

A ID-Tag and Operation Timer are installed on a diesel generator (NISSHA NES220EM) control panel. ID-Tag and Operation Timer can be installed separately in different parts of the machine. Sometimes the fuse box and fuel injection opening of a machine are very far apart. But with our system this doesn't hinder us at all!


A ES-BOX (Embedded System Box) communicates with the flow meter register  (e.g. Veeder Root EMR series), the ES-Box works well with other flow meter register system with RS232/485 or any other kind of communication method.

A Mobile Handheld Reader can consolidate all the data from ES-BOX, Operation Timer and ID Tag to generate a list of machine/vehicle operation time and their fuel consumption record. These data can be shared through mobile network to construction site office or headquarter for record.  

A portable Bluetooth printer is very handy for printing a receipt for contractors or operators to keep record.

2012 Hong Kong Awards for Industries:
Machinery and Machine Tools Design Certificate of Merit
RFID-based Electronic Delivery Record System (EDRS)


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